Tuesday, November 28, 2006

White on white

Hello. My name is Hillary, and I am a desperate woman.

Now, if you have been reading my blog for even the last few days, you will know that (1) report cards are driving me crazy and (2) it is C-O-L-D in Vancouver right now. These two facts merged together today to create an absolutely hilarious (at least to me!) teaching scenario this morning.

One of the (*ahem* many *ahem*) hold-ups to getting my reports done is the fact that I'm not finished testing the kids' volleyball skills in PE. I've been watching them bump, serve, and volley for what seems like weeks now and as of this morning, I still had half the class to test on their serves. No problemo. We had PE today, and I can easily get through half the class in a period.


The large gym was closed this morning for photo retakes. The small gym was being used. I could have swiped a free period that's available on Wednesdays, but we're on a field trip tomorrow (yay, Science World!). Sooo... it's now or never.

Picture the scene. Six kids lined up along the edge of the snow-covered field, bundled up in all thier woolies, the rest off playing in the playground, listening for the "TWEET! TWEET!" of the whistle to come change places. Me and my gloveless hands clutching a clipboard and pencil, trying to give tips on how to properly serve a volleyball. In the snow. In subzero weather. Dressed in touques, scarves, mittens, coats, boots, and snowpants.

"But Ms Hillary, the ball keeps falling off my mitten!"
"I know, just do your best!"

"But I can't move my arm right with my coat on."
"Don't worry, I won't dock marks for that."

"I can't find the ball!"
"Look closely! ... nope, that's a snowball... oh! See the hole in that snowbank? ....."

On the bright side, it sure looked pretty with the sun glinting of the perfect arc of snowflakes left lingering in the air as the ball sailed off their mittens.

Man, those kids need a reward for putting up with me! Perhaps some hot chocolate.....


Rachelle and Nathan said...

Sounds like quite an adventure! I wish I could look for volleyballs in snowbanks... oh wait, no I really don't wish that at all! At least you had fun! Oh yeah, it was 18 degrees Celsius here today. Thought you might like to know that!

Hillary said...

WHAT??? In Iowa?? You're sure you haven't moved to FLorida without noticing?


(thanks for rubbing it in, too. You're super. ;) )

happy and blue 2 said...

You are insane, ha,ha..
I think instead of hot chocolate you should give all the kids a passing grade for putting up with your shenanigans..

Queen Bee said...

Yep, give 'em all an A in serving, Miss Hillary!

anne said...

Hot chocolate sounds good...I may go make some right now... :)

Katrina said...

How funny! If you can get a reading on their actual serving skills under those conditions, you really are Superteacher! I'd say you've ALL earned some hot chocolate (and "A"s all around!)

Anonymous said...

Nathan and Rachelle - what fun could 18C be.....this is November!! (I'm kidding!!) I just HAD to respond -This is Hillary's aunt and we are at -36C today - try bumping and volleying in THAT!!! Hot Chocolate and the Grinch Movie for everyone! Love Auntie Con.

Anonymous said...

Volleyball? Volleyball?!? You never told me! You do know I'm Mr. Volleyball, especially in the summer, don't you? If you ever need an assistant, I'm there!