Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thanks, God, that was quick!

Today at work when I went downstairs for my morning coffee, our lunch lady told me that one of my kid's grandpa had his motorized wheelchair stolen the day before.

Seriously?!? What kind of low-life would steal an old man's wheelchair???

He came in a few minutes later, so I sat down and chatted with him. He told me the details of what transpired, and a little bit about the search and the other difficulties that arose from the whole situation. It was some big stuff - some that can't be made right, and some that could, but nonetheless have created some major difficulties for him, apart from just mobility issues. My heart really went out to him.

"This is NOT how the world is supposed to be," I told him. "You know, I'm a person who belives in God and believes in prayer. If you'd like, I'll pray that they recover your chair and that God helps to rectify these other difficulties for you."

He agreed, so I said a quick prayer in my head, and made mental note to keep praying later, too.

We kept chatting for a maybe five minutes or so, and then I excused myself, as I still had yet to get up to my classroom to prepare for the day. As I was saying my goodbyes and reminding him I'd keep praying for him, his phone rang. I gave a smile and waved goodbye as he answered the call.

"They found it!" he called after me. It was the police calling him - his chair had been recovered at a crack house down the road (ah, so THAT's kind of lowlife who would steal an old man's wheelchair*).

After he was off the phone, I went back and told him, "You know, as we were talking I said a quick prayer in my head for you! Sometimes God answeres prayer really quickly!"

He thanked me, and I told him I'd keep praying for his other needs, too.

I am SO thankful that God answers prayer, and delights Himself in showing His love for us! YAY God!

* ... aaaand, as I was typing that, God reminded me - they're made in God's image, too. It's THEM that Jesus would be hanging out with. ARGH!