Wednesday, November 15, 2006

In which Hillary dances around with much jubilation...

Woohoo! I made it to work in one piece! And so did my car!

That was not the case a year ago today. Today is one year since the Beastmobile died a horrible, twisted, mangled, firey death. Well, ok, not the firey part. Or really the mangled and twisted part, too much. But it died. And there WAS carnage. Left all over the road and dangling from all parts of the car. All joking aside, that was a freaky day.

I'm happy to report today's was an incident-free commute and Black Beauty (cause it's not black, get it? .... naw, neither do I) is happy as a clam.

Status of my claim? Still unfinished. Status of my back? Stupid back. It's mostly fine, but still bugs me sometimes, especially when I'm stressed out. Like, um, now.

Status of my life? Still good, still grateful it wasn't waaay worse.


happy and blue 2 said...

Glad you got to work in one piece..

Queen Bee said...

No way, it's still unfinished a year later? ICBC is ridiculous. Glad today was a much better day than last year.

Hillary said...

Well, actually, it's ME that's not finihsed. I did'nt want to settle right away, because my whiplash is still kicking up a bit. It'll be done soon.

Though yes, I have had MANY "ICBC is ridiculous" moments throughout this year. Yeesh.