Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Nicknames through the ages...

* I'm Nana's little "Bunny Scoot."

* To Dad I'm "Tony." (I used to be "Lumpy," too, but Mom put the kaibosh on that one pretty quick once I hit adolescence. Phew!)

* I am my mom's "Hillary Duck."

* To Auntie Connie I was "Hill Billy." (or something like that... AC, do you remember?)

* To a large number of the boys in my grade 7 class, I was "Hillary Artillery." That name came with a dance. Put your hands up beside your face, each one posed like a duck bill. Point your fingers towards your face and close and and open them twice while saying Hillary. The syllables "Hi" and "ry" correspond to closed beaks. Next, point them away from your face while saying Artillery. "till" and "ry..." closed beaks. Bob your head to the rhythm as you go. Repeat. Again. And again. Perhaps there was something to that, and I just didn't see the deeper meaning. But I think they were just weird.

* When I worked at Camp Kawkawa, I was named "Pillsbury." I decided my midddle name should be "TouchMyStomachAndDie." :)

* A few people actually call me "HelloHillary." They get a kick out of saying, "Hello, HelloHillary!" or saying "HellloooooHillary" in all manner of strange voices.

* To my friend Rebecca, I'm "Hilla-ree, Hilla-rye, Hilla-roo-rah-ray," often with some form of happy hooting or squealing tacked on at the end for good measure.

What are some of your nicknames?

Oh, and do I feel silly for writing out every little step to the "Hillary Artillery" dance? Nope, cause I get great satisfaction in knowing that you were sitting at your computer with your hands up in the air, trying to figure it out! *GRIN!*


happy and blue 2 said...

My Dad called me by my real name.
My Mom called me by my Dad's name.
My aunts and uncles called me by their kids names.
My friends called me by my last name.
My teachers called me "Shut up"
My principals called me "You again"
My employers called me "Get to work"
Bloggers call me "Happy" or "Blue" or "Blue boy" or ..
And most of the girls I met didn't call me at all..

When I stand before St.Peter in Heaven I'm hoping he lets me in because he can't figure out who I am.
Or perhaps I can sneak in while he's trying to figure out your Hillary dance, ha,ha..

nachtwache said...

My parents always called me by my name, no short form, as they didn't like that.
When I was a toddlerm my cousins and big sis teased me with:" Monikaeli, biseraeli, bies mi doch in's Bei" Basically getting me to try to bite their legs, as they ran around, I'm sure they had other nice names.
My sis called me a scrooge, because I was able to save $ and she spent it all.
At school, sometimes it was a ugly variation of my surname, or a few times it was about me wearing glasses, not too often, as in grade 1 I beat up the class bully, so had the boys' respect.
My dad called me "princess silkhair", after I had my bath.
At work, by the boss-"superworker", it's that European work ethic.
My husband-"wench", so one day our young daughter called me "wrench", I liked her combination of mommy and my name, "Mamika"

Anonymous said...

Hmm... my nicknames:

Colonel -> this has popped up in high school, in college, at jobs... people think it's a natural word from my last name.

SarahCool -> A lot of people call me this, surprisingly, all through college.

Spot, Little Bear, Bunny Rabbit -> My adorable parents

Anonymous said...

My mom's best friend's husband (got that) used to call my brother, Robert, "Robbie Duck". Believe me that one sticks.

Of course, now the hubby calls me "Erin duckie". Mom used to call us "Peanut" too.

There aren't a whole lot of nicknames for Erin. I had a friend once call me "Air" but we eventually gave that up. lol

Jean said...

I didn't try the Hillary Artillery with my hands, but I pictured it in my head. That's histerical!! :)

mom: my real name
dad: maggie (Irish..I even went by Maggie for two years working customer service as there was already a Jean).
brothers: bean, beanie, squirt and brat (brat was from my youngest brother whom I took over being the baby of the family from).
highschool guys: mean jean, mean jean okerlund (which I JUST found out a few months ago that he is a guy who commentates for WWF Wrestling. nice), mean green jean. I was the least mean person in school. boys.
one of my friends: jinkeys (my first and maiden last name...kinda like when you say "jinx". yeah...like that).
my husband: love, sweetpea, babe, and never has he called me honey. I probably wouldn't respond. :)
that's all. i think...

Jenn said...

um...yeah, I might have tried the Hillary Artillery...but only with one hand. :P

Nicknames. I never had many (that I remember, anyway - maybe I blanked them all out). I went by Poodle from about grade 7 on. Bad perm. That's all I'll say.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I'd have to say that some of my nicknames have been:

Babs (v. briefly, as I hated this)
AbbeyNormal (from Young Frankenstein)
Gabby (because I talk WAY too much!)

And my personal favorite:

Anonymous said...

Ooo, I forgot to mention that my husband calls me "Sunshine." Don't know where or how it started, he just does. One of his goalkeepers overheard him this year and thought it was adorable. Heh.

Katrina said...

Yay! I figured out the dance! (Is it okay if I added some strutting and booty shaking to it?)

Let's see, my nicknames... Well, in college, I got the nickname Tree. I don't remember who started it, but it has stuck tight, and a lot of my friends that I didn't even know in college call me that now.

My hair, which was out of control, had its own nickname: Simba. (As in "Back, Simba! BACK!")

Barbara said...

My aunt still calls me Barbie. I have also been called Bawbadee, The Barbarian and Bebe.

The grade 7 boys called me Boobless Barb. The ironic thing was, I wasn't. Boys are so stupid.

And my favourite, called only by my Nana who passed away two years ago..Blue Eyed Button Bum.