Thursday, November 23, 2006

It's a guest post!

So I come on over to Hillary's place some time after 8 o'clock. Being a good friend and everything, I brought food. Well, cake mix, but it turns into food. I also assumed that Hillary would not have milk or eggs for said cake mix, so I brought some along. I was right.

You guys, Hillary is not joking when she says that she is busy with marking. She does not even remember to buy food1. I was immediately innundated with a pile of standardized math tests, which I scattered across the coffee table and living room floor. And then I got to it. 2 and a half hours later, I've got three pages marked and four or five to go. Does every teacher have this much marking to do? According to Hillary, yes they do. They're just more on top of it or something.

OK. Raise your hands if you think Hillary is maybe just a little bit crazy. Be honest. All right, I'll assume that you guys at the back haven't actually met Hillary in person. That's okay. Ever since I met Hillary I've thought she was a little on the crazy side. Also, most of the time that I've known her she's been a teacher or studying to become one. Stay with me here. I don't think it's the Hillary that's making Hillary crazy. I think it's the teaching.

You guys, I've been a "teacher" for all of 2.5 hours now, and I have already started to pick up certain Hillary-isms. I have spoken in strange voices (in response to her strange voices). I have spoken random words and phrases into empty rooms. I may have made up words, only to forget about them completely. And, I am in the middle of composing an unusually long blog posting to avoid any more marking. I'm pretty sure I don't do this at home. In fact, check my blog. I'm more of a twice-a-month-if-you're-lucky kind of blog poster.

At this point, my sugar rush from the cake is over, and the thrill of trying to see how much of that milk I can drink just isn't quite having the same effect. My eyes drill into the screen trying to see how long I can avoid working before Hillary catches me. It's too late.

1Hillary's mom, if you're reading this, send groceries! Or better yet, meals on wheels or something.

This was written by Brad.


Paul said...

Hi Brad,

A couple of posts a month is pretty impressive compared with some blogs.

Nice theory of teacher craziness, but I'm afraid Hillary has been "a little bit crazy" for longer than that. I think she caught it from a (would be) evil dictator, intent on taking over the whole world. Possibly it is hereditary though (I suspect Mrs Hillary's Mum has the recessive gene).

happy and blue 2 said...

Guest posts are good. Especially if the guest makes a cake.

"Tell Hillary to hang in there. She can do it"
That was a guest comment by my son. He didn't have cake with him though..

Sarah D. said...

Hey Paul
I totally agree with you. Not the teaching -- must be the evil dicatator!

Elaine :) said...

Hey Brad and Hillary!

Woohoo! to friends for marking help! :) Hope you guys got a ton done; I can only imagine the craziness of your life right now, Hillary!!

Hillary said...

Elaine!!! *YOU'RE* my mystery fan!! Oh man, I was WONDERING who that was with all those hits on my statcounter! Hee hee! Good to hear from you!!!!!

And yes, thank goodness for friends who help out!

AND... I love how it takes someone ELSE posting on my blog for all my 'friends in real life' to come out of the woodwork. Haha!

Now, I wonder if we can get the evil dictator (intent on world domination) to say hello! She's currently working on taking over Ireland... (though I believe Canada might be slipping out of her grasp. Perhaps she needs to come back and re-establish some control around here!)

Queen Bee said...

Thanks for stepping into the gap there, Brad, wouldn't want Hillary to miss a day, or have to post with a fried brain again :)

Hillary, get some groceries!

Rachelle said...

I have to agree with everyone else Brad. Hillary has been a little crazy ever since I met her and we in grade nine then. The voices and the speaking out to no one? Totally normal. Hillary and I have been known to complete much crazier tasks together (I won't go into detail here ... you'll have to ask her go into it!). Rest assured that teaching may emphasize her craziness at times, but the craziness is really quite natural!

Anonymous said...

I loved this guest post!


But I can raise my hand because Hillary isn't the sole crazy person here.... I recognize I have a little myself.

Hillary! Buy groceries!!

Tangent: I finally feel "kind of" grown up lately, because I usually have milk and eggs in the fridge. You can do a lot with milk and eggs. I still eat cereal for a few meals a week, though.

GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR GRADING, HILLARY! When in doubt... throw it out. "Guys, we aren't going to count this test, YAAAAAAAY!"

Just kidding.

Kind of.

Happy Thanksgiving, you Canadian, you!

Hillary said...

Wow. Thanks for the love, guys. No, really. You warm my heart.

*secretly goes and cries...*


Sarah, I love the line! Actually, it's come to that for a few things. Oh well. I'm giving the talk on Monday: "Term 2 starts today - a fresh start for all of us. Everything incomplete is no longer weighing on you, mistakes are learned from and forgotten, both mine and yours, and we're starting fresh today."

Because everybody needs a fresh start! Yay!

I'm walking over to erase the "outstanding homework" board now...

Jenn said...

Forget crazy, Hillary - you're doing something right... A friend coming over to help out and bringing cake? And posting? You've got it figured out, babe! :D

Hillary said...

Jenn! Shh! Don't jinx it! ;)

Heh heh.