Saturday, November 04, 2006


I woke up this morning to the sound of the rain, which is pretty impressive, because I live in a ground floor suite. There's no rain on the roof here, just the pounding drops hitting the ground outside my window.

I love the sound of the rain. There's something soothing about it. I laid in bed for a while, just listening, before I got up to start my day.

My to do list today is long, too long to accomplish everything, but I switched on some music and got to it. I did the dishes, then called Rachelle and talked to her for a while about life in Iowa with two babies. I talked about crazy work and all the fun of the single life while she told me about her plans to meet up with two other mommies once a month for a day of cooking and a meal exchange. After we said goodbye, I got back to work, some of my favourite worship tunes playing on my DVD player. I tidyed up, washed the floor, put away some groceries. The bathroom is cleaned, and the piles of paper in the 'office' are going to be dealt with today, by hook or by crook.

I've got the door open, so I can hear the rain that continues to fall. The cool-ish November breeze brings in the smell of wet leaves and the tiniest hint of smoke from a neighbour's chimney. The occasional ding-ding-ding of my windchimes float in over the music.

As I drag my couch back into position, I can't help but think that I really wish there was someone else here right now. Not to help me move the couch - I can do that on my own. I can do most things on my own, actually. But I don't want to.

Today is just one of those days when I look ahead to another rainy Saturday some years from now. I'll wake up to the rain with my best friend beside me. My kids will jump into bed with me for a morning snuggle before we go downstairs for breakfast and some Saturday morning cartoons. There'll be a bigger mess to clean up, with less time to do it. Life will be busier, more complicated, and I'll be more tired. But there will be a richness in my life that I can only attempt to understand now.

There's a quiet beauty in a rainy domestic Saturday. I'm looking forward to having someone to share it with.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how I know that feeling. What a wonderful post! :)

Abbey said...

Single life is awesome, and I loved every minute of it, BUT...

There is nothing like being married! NOTHING! It is amazing! And I can't wait to have the kids coming in and jumping on the bed, too! My mom and I were just talking about how much better the holidays get when you have kids. She said they are even better than when you were young. Can't wait!!

My husband truly is my best friend. I would rather sit on the couch reading with him then be out at a "fun" club with my girlfriends.

happy and blue 2 said...

I can send you some kids that will jump on your bed and trash your house if you want, ha,ha..

ps quit posting so much. I had to post again to keep up..

Katrina said...

What a beautifully written, poignant post. I love, love this line: "I can do most things on my own, actually. But I don't want to."


Queen Bee said...

Katrina nailed it, I love this post too! But Hillary, bloom where you're planted :) Enjoy this time as well as look forward to the Saturdays to come!

Hillary said...

Katrina and Queen Bee... thanks so much. {hugs} It's not so much taht I'm really unhappy where I am, I'm just ready to move on from this stage, I think. But QB, you're right. Thank you for the reminder.

Abbey - yes, that's what I'm looking forward to!

H&B - um, no thanks. Haha.

Nici - it's not an uncommon one, I would imagine. Thanks for the comment. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just saw that you had commented on my blog, too. Thanks. Your German is great!!! I love it. This is the English blog and one of the posts you commented on before:

Jenn said...

oh, what a beautiful post! and, there is nothing like rain on the roof - by yourself or otherwise! and I'll echo: enjoy the time you're in now, but there's nothing wrong with a little daydreaming, either. :D