Sunday, November 26, 2006

I should have stayed in my slippers

Have you even experienced the sensation of still being on the water after you've come off of a boat? I feel like that right now, except I just got out of my car. I feel like I'm sliding around, side to side, but I'm firmly planted on my chair.

That ain't right.

It has been snowing here since yesterday afternoon. The first flakes started falling as we were taking a family portrait outside in my parents backyard. (Yes, outside. In the snow. We're crazy.) But it hasn't stopped since, and isn't supposed to yet till tomorrow morning. Come oooon, snow day!

Now all of this would be just fine for me. As I said this morning, I love the snow! BUT... I have been driving. all. day. Oh, the adventures I had today. Let's just say there was a gerrycan, frozen hands, and a whole lot of slipping and sliding going on.1 If you want, you can read the whole story (in bullet form) here.

Suffice it to say, I'm happy to be home again, safe and sound, back in my fuzzy pink slippers with another cup of tea. Aaahhh.

A crazy, crazy day, BUT, there's a silver lining. Three, in fact.

One, I got a new jacket! Yay! (It's about stinkin' time!) Two, I had a great time at grandpa's party, and got to see all kinds of relatives and friends of my grandparents I haven't seen in aaages. I stoped counting how many "I haven't seen you since you were thiiis big" comments I got. It was great! The tributes and stories were fun, too. I have a very cool grandpa. Three, becasue there were so many people missing from dancing tonight, teh combined the level 2 and level 3 classes and taught us some REALLY COOL bonus stuff. Score!

So the day wasn't a total bust. BUT, I'm exHAUStipated! I've never concentrated so long and so hard on driving before in my LIFE.

Here's me, fingers crossed for tomorrow...


1 If you're not from around here, Vancouver snow is slushy and wet and slippery, and Vancouver is hilly. Pair that with the fact it hardly ever snows, and you get absolute chaos on the roads. The rest of Canada laughs at us for our seeming inability to drive in the snow, but I tell you, IT'S NOT THE SAME!


happy and blue 2 said...

Glad you made it home safely and had such a good time while you were out.
Coming from a place where it snows all winter it is funny to watch you B.C. folk driving in the snow. Ha,ha,ha..sorry..
Hope you get your snow day..

Paul said...

Wow, sounds like you've got proper snow in Vancouver.

All we've got is mushy rain-soaked leaves.

I guess it's all relative.

Adina said...

Good luck with the snow Hillary! We've got -32 here today (Monday) in Fort McMurray. Brrr! We've also got about two feet of snow and more is falling right now. It looks like Christmas, and feels like Christmas. Maybe I'll go and make some cookies...........

Katrina said...

Glad your weekend was a good, albeit busy, one. We woke up to a sheen of ice on the roads this morning, so taking Paul to work and Katie to school was an adventure. I guess we've procrastinated putting our snow tires on for long enough!

I love the snow, too! Right now it's crunchy under my boots, not slushy, and tomorrow it's supposed to freeze solid!

Queen Bee said...

Well? Did you get it? We did, but for the ice on top of the snow. Pretty treacherous stuff!

Anonymous said...

I am SO very jealous of your snow! I MISS THE SNOW!!! (Though I DO NOT miss driving in it...I think the entire state of California would be dead if it snowed should see how they drive in the rain. BAAAAD)

Anyway, it just doesn't feel like Thanksgiving/Christmastime here...I need some REAL cold weather and snow.

Hope you got your snowday!!!

Karen said...

It's okay, we laugh at Torontonians as well since their reaction is to call in the army.... I think we have more sympathy for the West Coasters!

Sandy said...

I'm so glad someone else has had that feeling of sliding even after they are safe at home. I once slid down a hill on ice (no traction) and ran into another car at an impossibly slow speed, and it was probably a week before I got over the feeling of sliding. Perhaps the fear imbeds it into our brains somehow? I don't know.