Saturday, November 04, 2006

Joy in the simple things

There's nothing better than a baby's laugh! I saw this over at Troll Baby, and I had to post it. I've watched it twice so far, and it has made me smile so hard my cheeks hurt. I love how easily laughter comes to little ones. It really is infectious!
I hope you find joy in your day today!



happy and blue 2 said...

That was hilarious..

Abbey said...

Okay, that totally made me laugh!!

Cute!! LOVE baby laughter!!

Plus, the Bleeng! in the background! Almost as funny as the baby!!

Queen Bee said...

That was great!! I imagine his tummy hurt from all that laughing ;)

Shle said...

hey can you send me the link or whatever to that video so I can share it? the code or somewhat? I can't seem to get that little "share" button to work on my computer and that baby is priceless so I just have to post it!

Luv ash