Friday, November 03, 2006


Oh my goodness!!! With all that talk a few weeks ago about my very bestest friend in the whole wide world having her baby, one would think that I'd have remembered to post some pictures! Well, actually, I DID remember, but whenever I remembered Blogger was not letting me upload them. Arg.

Keiran will be three weeks old tomorrow, but these pictures are from the day he was born. Mattias is now a big brother! They're both SO cute! Congrats, Rachelle and Nathan, for about the bazillionth time!

ps. Yes, I've asked permission to post these photos!


Anonymous said...

Ooooo they're both adorable!

I asked the hubby tonight while at Target if we could look at the baby stuff.

"Sure," he replied.

"Really? Even though it will just make me want a baby?"

"Dear, you already want a baby - looking at baby stuff is not going to change that."

Heh. Good point. Congrats to the new family!

happy and blue 2 said...

The boys are handsome.
What the heck is the thing at the top right in the second picture. It looks kind of obscene..

Hillary said...


It's a widdle puppy dog with a widdle puppy dog tail! Boooo! :P

Abbey said...

SO CUTE!! I love babies!! Cannot wait to have my own... Cuties!!

All of my friends have kids...I love them to pieces! And I just became an aunt for the first time this past June. She is A DOLL!!! My Little Reese-y Pie. : )

Anonymous said...

awe they are both adorable!!

Queen Bee said...

Oh, what a cute picture of the two boys!! When are you going to see them, Hillary?

Hillary said...

Oh, I don't know! :( I'd love to think maybe at spring break, but I don't think I can afford it. I sooooo want to go see them!

Rachelle said...

Ahhh, what cuties! Oh wait - am I supposed to say that, being the Mommy and all? What can I say, I'm a proud Mommy of two cute little boys. And the puppy dog is really just that - a puppy dog. Mattias has carried that thing around so much that a few washings later and it looks a little worse for wear and not so fluffy. But take it away and meet Mr. Major Meltdown. Anyways, I just had to say that I love my boys! (And hopefully someday they'll like each other enough to want to be in as close proximity to each other as they are in the picture! Right now Mattias doesn't think that Keiran has the right to exist!).

Jake Silver said...

what a cutie-pie.

Katrina said...

How totally adorable!