Saturday, November 18, 2006

Little things

The morning and early afternoon had been productive. I was happy with the work I'd accomplished, and decided to take a break. For the first day in a long time, the streets were dry, so I slipped on my walking shoes and set off to do a few errands on foot: returning a video, buying some groceries, stopping in at the bank...

Avoiding the noise of the traffic, I wandered through the side streets, taking in the soggy and withered gardens and the last few yellowed leaves dangling from the trees that line the streets. My nose and fingertips were comfortably chilly - just right for a Saturday afternoon walk in late autumn. As I walked, I passed the apartment where my best friend and her husband used to live, and thought how much life has changed since they used to live there.

As I came up to a main street, I looked north and was caught once more by the beauty of the mountains towering over the city, the winter blue slopes and brilliant white streaks of fresh snow against a grey November sky. I breathed deeply, and was greeted not by the smell of fall that I had been expecting, but by the distinct smell of cumin and other Indian spices floating along from a location I couldn't quite pinpoint.

I stopped to savour the moment, feeling secure, feeling satisfied, and allowing the music from my mp3 player to sink into my heart...

Your love
is extravagant
Your friendship
is intimate
I feel I'm moving
to the rhythm of your grace
your fragrance
is intoxicating
in a secret place

Spread wide in the arms of Christ
is the love that covers sin
No greater love I have ever known
You've considered me a friend
And captured my heart again

~ by Casting Crowns


happy and blue 2 said...

Glad it stopped raining. Perhaps not quite as glad as the coffee fanatics who are missing their fix.
Sorry you slipped on your shoes. That's really embarrassing,ha,ha..

Rachelle said...

Thanks for taking me back to Fraser! If I close my eyes I can see the mountains and smell the Indian food. I wish I was there walking with you.

Hillary said...

H&B - Wow, that took me a while. Hardy har har. ;)

Rachelle - me too! 'Member when you and Nathan were looking at the place? I think you were still dressed ridiculously from your "Trip Around the World" and you, Karen and I were making human pyramids in the baseball diamond accross the street...

Queen Bee said...

Hillary, glad you were able to take some time to enjoy the sights, smells and sounds. Is the wind & rain back again for you? It is here!

Joy T. said...

Very nice entry. Calm and relaxing, I like that.
Thought I'd follow you over from your comment on my BOG...snicker. Glad I did :o)