Thursday, November 30, 2006

That's science!

Oh joy. I had this post all written and ready to publish. For once, I decided to actually spell check, and blogger ate my post. I LOVE it when that happens. Here we go, take 2.


Well, I survived my first field trip ever yesterday, with no lost kids. Yippee!

The other grade 5 teacher and I took 51 kids to Science World on the skytrain and turned them loose inside. It was so fun to watch them run around and try out all the different exhibits. Some actually read the instructions and then the descriptions of what was happening, but most ran from display to display, punched a few buttons, turned a few cranks, and then ran off to the next thing. It was pretty funny.

We also saw a movie about the human body, which was perfect, because we just finished studying that. It was pretty cool. There was one part where a boy was riding his bike, and they used a special x-ray camera to film it, so all you could see was his skeleton. There was footage from inside a beating heart, inside the stomach, inside the lungs. "Ms Hillary, that movie was nasty!" commented one of my students. "It's not nasty! It's science!" And, no, (believe it or not, B) it wasn't ME who said that! It was one of my students! I had to chuckle. All the adults in the theatre had to laugh at the footage of sperm making their way to an egg: the musical selection they played was Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On." We were all cracking up right from those first three "wuah-wuah-wuah" notes. I'm sure all the kids wondered what the heck was so funny.

So it was a pretty good day, other than my two hours of cold sweats, nausea, all-over-aching, stabbing pain, and just generally feeling like I was gonna die. Woohoo me. Plus, the lunch I bought made me feel woozy till... well... I still feel it now. No toilet hugging yet, though I've had a few close calls. Probably too much information. Oh well.

I got home last night and I was SOOO tired. I set two alarms (two!) and lay down on my couch for a 25 minute nap before I planned on getting up and getting a whole truckload of work done.

I woke up twelve hours later.

I was planning on posting last night about the field trip, but uh, yeah, I was sleeping. Apparently. I'm really glad I posted in the morning yesterday, which I don't normally do, because it R-E-A-L-L-Y would have sucked royally to have missed posting on the second to last day of NaBloPoMo. Which ends today. I made it! I'll probably post tomorrow to round out the week, but wowzers, I'll take a wee break after that.

It's been fun! Thanks for all your comments, it's been a big part of what's kept me going! (Who wants to post if nobody talks back???)

I'm off! You'd think after 12 hours of sleep, I'd feel rested. I feel like I could sleep another 12. Sheesh.

Oh, and school's on, by the way. Boo hissy.


Paul said...

Yay Hillary for completing NaBloPoMo despite inclement weather, one-off narcolepsy and the onset of imminent hideous illness. Please don't have too long a break, or we will be worried sick.

I have succeeded in my NoNaBloPoMo goal of resisting blogging everyday throughout November, and believe me it has been quite difficult at times.

But fear not, I have been preparing a mammoth post that will appear at some point over the next month, and will in my usual fashion be back dated to September.

Hillary said...

Paul, you're my blogging hero! heh. heh.

Queen Bee said...

Sounds like a great field trip, Hillary. Glad you weren't on the section of Skytrain that was shut down for over an hour with people still on it (I actually watched the news last night, so I had to drop that into conversation hehe).

I hesitate to tell you this, but today was our third snow day this week. Sorry, guess you're on the wrong side of the water ;)

Queen Bee said...

Oh, and congrats on completing NaBloPoMo!

Come on, Paul, one little blog post? It'd be fun!

Anonymous said...

Ravena's husband was also there. He teaches biology on the West Side of Vancouver. That Body World exhibits scares me!!

Hillary said...

PelalLusa - on the same day? Small world! There were TONS of school groups there, it was a zoo! We didn't see body worlds, though. Too expensive and not age apporpriate for our kids. I want to see it for myself, though!

happy and blue 2 said...

You are the champion of blog posters. Woohoo to you..

Not wanting to feel left out I have never been to the science place but I have ridden on the sky train that goes past it a bunch of times. I even gave my still good ticket to a druggy guy so he could sell it to someone. Security guys chased him out of the station first though..

Hillary said...

You've been to Vancouver! Any trips coming up??? :)

Paul said...

Wow Hillary, I'm flattered...

...but really, it was nothing.