Friday, June 06, 2008


My school has become like a second home to me (and not just cause I'm here 10-12 hours a day!). I've said it before, but I love this place. Yes, it's frustrating at times. No, it's not perfect. But this is the first school I've ever worked in, and I have felt so supported here. I've grown so much as a teacher - from a part time music prep teacher, teaching all grades in two languages to an intermediate teacher to a primary teacher - I've done just about every category of job I could do within these walls. And I've made great relationships here, too: I have such amazing people that I work with, both students and staff.

Back at the beginning of May, I learned that enrollment was down and we would be losing a division next year, so I would be declared surplus to the school's organization, unless anyone voluntarily decided to surplus themselves. That didn't happen, so on May 15, I got my official letter . But then on May 16, things changed. Kinda. Which is why I haven't blogged about it, cause everything all of a sudden was up in the air. And still kinda is. I think. Maybe. Or not. I don't know.

Basically, there is one teacher off on a leave right now who was not informed of the surplus situation. It turns out that she wants to volunteer to leave and try for a position that's not currently available at our school. HOORAY! I'd get to stay! It's sad that this teacher wouldn't be there, cause I really like her. But it also means I'd get to keep my position!


Except nobody knew if she'd be allowed to volunteer to be surplussed while on leave. It's been going back and forth now for nearly a month, with neither of us knowing for sure what is going on. It's basically up to HR to decide, and apparently it's not a cut and dry process.

So here I sit and wait. Will I be staying? Will I be leaving? Nobody knows. The other teacher has been absolutely fabulous with keeping me updated and encouraging me. There's just as much frustration on this person's end, too. We've both been in this state of... what? Unknowing? for nearly a month now.

In the meantime, job postings have come out, I've had to apply, and I am now being called for interviews. The principal of one school called me last night to set up an interview for two positions at his school. I wanted to yell into the phone, "I DON'T WANT YOUR INTERVIEW! I just want to STAY HERE!" (But, uhhh... that probably wouldn't have been the most stellar plan!) If it turns out she IS allowed to surplus herself, I rescind my applications. If not, well, I guess I start packing up all my stuff.

This other teacher and I both want to teach the same grade level. I desperately want to stay at my school to do it. She is intent on leaving in order to make that happen. But because officially I am surplussed and she is not, even though she has WAY more seniority than me, I'm in a higher priority category and I'll end up getting the jobs before she does. IT'S SO DUMB!!!

I emailed one of the union executives a few days ago to just ask if he knew any more about the situation. Yesterday, I got my answer, and while it wasn't definitive, it definitely didn't sound good: "... the board has repeatedly said no to her repeated offer of voluntarily surplussing herself. She is, therefore, still on staff... and you are the one that is still surplus from the school... For this week, you should go to interviews you’ve been shortlisted for, and be prepared to accept jobs [when they begin offering them] on the 16th."

It would seem that the only light at the end of the tunnel would be that IF this decision turns around or if she gets a job another way, then I have the right to return to the school I've been surplussed from. I might have to leave. I do have to leave. I won't have to leave. I might still have to leave. I will have to leave. I might not have to leave. I probably have to leave but I might get to come back... Really, how long do I want to have the carrot dangling in front of me?

Blah! I can't even tell you how much this sucks. Yeah, that life is good thing I wrote yesterday? Yes, it's still true. I know that in the grand scheme of things, my life is very, very good and there is a TON to be grateful about. But this job thing is so long and drawn out and frustrating. It makes me just want to run away. Like maybe to Vernazza. Heh.


Shan said...

OH HILLARY! I'll pray that good comes from all of this bureaucratic beezwax! I hope you get to keep your awesome school but if you don't I'll hope for hidden blessings in the next! Maybe your passion for teaching(and life) is meant to be spread. Life is good...and hard. :(

Oh and heehee. I was thinking of you and the Daily Dancer when I said "oot and aboot" because he said that once in his blog and I have been using it ever since. ;)

Melissa said...

Well this is officially stupid, and sucky, and dumb. (And did I say "stupid"? ;) )

And the union reps sound like they're being absolute jerks about it too. But again, I know I say this a lot, but things do work out with you. Whichever school you end up in, I think you're going to have an incredible year. I mean let's think about this... If God had something really incredible planned for you someplace else, what would s/he/it have to do to get your butt out of your current school and over to the cooler things s/he/it had waiting for you?

Hillary said...

No, no, the union is actually being quite helpful, it's the board that's saying no. I'm sure they have their reasons, too, but still... BAH! I want to stay at my school! And yes, it's true, it MIGHT take this to end up with the mysterious "something better." So who knows...

Melissa said...

Dear Union People that I mistakenly thought were the bad guys,

Please accept my apologies.

Dear Bad Guy Board people,

Boooo hissssss!!!!