Monday, June 02, 2008

Aye yei YEI!

Despite having gotten my paycheque and paid my rent already - the usual first-of-the-month indicators for me - somehow it still hit me like a ton of bricks today that it's JUNE (probably cause I had finally gotten all my kidlets to simmer down this morning then realized I hadn't changed the calendar over yet. I had to take down the May poster, peel off all the velcro date thingies, put up a new weather chart... D'oh!) But it's JUNE! Finally! Already?!? So soon???

Two weeks till report cards are due (ummm... no, actually. 10 DAYS. GAK!)
Four weeks till the end of school.
Nineteen days till the first official day of summer.


Hoo, boy, I can't WAIT! Yeah, yeah, there's still summer school in the mix there, but SUMMER! Glorious hot days to spend lounging, hiking, swimming, adventuring... Oh, how I can't WAIT! I really think *I'm* the one with the more eager countdown. I am SOOO ready for a vacation!

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