Thursday, June 19, 2008

Report Card wording

(yeah yeah... three posts today. Let's just say that the number of posts is directly proportional to the stress of a deadline... or, er, missed deadline, as the case may be.)

Ah, it's a tricky subject, this. How to say what you need to say diplomatically, creatively, uniquely. "Johnny/Sally/Katie/Mikey/Insert-Name-Here" has had a very good term. It's been a pleasure to have her/him in my class. Have a great summer." That comment just won't do. So I end up getting creative. Lots of synonyms, lots of positive wording. I'm direct, too, but sometimes you need to soften the message a little.

So let's play a little game, shall we? Here are some softened-up, diplomatic report card comments that teachers have used. Can you guess what they really mean?

1. "___ is a very enthusiastic participant in class discussions."
2. "I will miss ___'s interesting and unique ideas."
3. "___ is slowly beginning to show an ability to use words to solve his/her problems."
4. "___ continues to work on using positive language and encouragement with his/her peers."
5. "Good luck in grade two/three/four/etc!"

And let me just say that one of the funniest things after I began writing report cards was going back to MY old reports and reading what MY teachers had to say about ME. If I manage to track it down (it's MIA after I read it to my grade 5's on the final day of school last year), I'll show you what was written in the comments from some of MY report cards. Now that I speak Teacherese, I actually KNOW what they were saying, and let me tell you, it's pretty funny!

PS. What does this have to do with home, you ask? Well not much. I write report cards in part at home? I have my old report cards at home? Stretching it? Oh well. I'm ok with being stretchy. ;)
PPS. Hey, you! Yes you! Leave a comment! I know you're reading, play along, it's easy! Or just say hello. Or whatever. Doesn't matter if you're sitting at home, at work... or even a library. Comments make me happy! Send some lovin' my way! :-)


anne said...

I love it! I'm pretty sure I got both # 1 & 2... :)

Carrie said...

1. Your child never shuts up and doesn't have an inside voice.
2) Your child is a liar.
3) Your child is either painfully shy and won't speak, or your child prefers speaking with his fists.
4) Your child is a bully.
5) Cause you're going to need it.

nachtwache said...

LOVE! :)

Hillary said...

Carrie! LOL! Wow, you took it to the WAY OTHER extreme!

Carrie said...

Heh. Isn't that what they mean? *innocent* You see now why I can never teach again?

Jenn said...

uh oh. #2 looks kinda familiar....

good luck and here's to positive wording :)

cjoy said...

Hi. Just stopping by as I occasionally do. :) So what does "Your child is a joy to have in class" really mean...? I've always wondered if there is a hidden explanation to that one! haha.

Melissa said...

1. "_" Doesn't shut up.
2. "_" Has no clue.
3. "_" Hits others
4.-and calls them names.
5. I'm so glad "_" won't be in MY class next year.