Monday, June 23, 2008

Life at MySchool...

It's been a beautiful life
Oh I've been along for one hell of a ride
And even though I may be fallin' apart, oh
It's been a beautiful life*

Three more days, plus one more admin day where we'll all have breakfast together, then go off our separate ways for the summer.

Except I won't be coming back in the fall.

This week is so jammed full of stuff I have to do... packing up my classroom, getting my house ready for a few guests on Friday night, grocery shopping and packing for a camping trip this coming weekend... it's all going to be one big blur and then it will be over, and I won't even know what's happening. THREE MORE DAYS. That's not enough time!!! There are kids I still want to see, staff I still want to work with... a community I still want to be a part of...

I feel so numb during the day. I'm running on autopilot just to get things done: coming in before 8am, staying till after 8pm, working through recess, working through lunch. Teaching, packing, cleaning, sorting, filing. But it's times like now, where I sit here and realize, pardon the language, holy SHIT, there are only THREE. DAYS. LEFT. when I just lose it emotionally.

I really am falling apart...

* from "Beautiful Life" by Doc Walker


Katrina said...

Hang in there! I know you haven't really had a chance to mourn the changes you're making yet, but by the time you open the door on a whole new group of students next fall, I know you'll be ready to tackle the year with the same hopeful effervescence you always exude! I'll pray that you get all your stuff done in this busy time. :D

Niki Devereaux said...

I've never been your position before, but could I encourage you to do one thing? Maybe take a break from packing at lunch (or even over recess), and go enjoy those children, keep those memories-living in the moment.

Just my thoughts... hope the stress ceases and you can embrace these days with the children and staff you love (and that so obviously love you in return!)