Thursday, June 19, 2008

Loss surrounds me...

My position at my school... Rita... a relationship*... my support network at work... my students... and now on TV I just watched Meredeth and Derrek put down their dog, reminding me of my dear sweet Lucy last year... and Izzy's about to go in and find Denney dead... and it's just a stupid TV show and I know it's cause I'm so over tired and burned out and stressed, but it's bringing everything to a head and sending me over the edge and I just. can't. stop. crying.
* not a guy thing


nachtwache said...

Hugs and prayers!! It'll work out. God knows what He's doing. Still, feelings are real, it's all part of our growing; God is chipping away the rough stuff to reveal the diamond. Sometimes we just need to cry.
Thanks for removing the time wasting word verification. :)

anne said...

And dangit if that isn't the cryingest episode ever.

Hugs to you, my friend. Big squeezy ones.

Amy said...

I'm a teacher, too. I bookmarked your blog...we would be friends if you lived in Kentucky. :) You crack me up, and I can tell you're a fantastic teacher!!

I've been where you are, with being surplussed, then moved. A friend of mine told me, "You can either be a thermometer in your building which measures the temperature, or you can decide to be the thermostat that helps build the temperature wherever you are." Kindof like, don't let the climate of your building be the thing that makes you great. You make the climate great.

That advice helped! (Then after a couple of years, my principal in the school I loved got me back).

Hang in there!! It will all be for your good. Promise! :)

Jenn said...

oh, hon. hope today was a little better [hugs]