Friday, May 16, 2008


BOO HISS. I got my letter yesterday. The one telling me that my five years at my awesome school is now over. I'd be crying about it if I wasn't so irked at a few aspects of how it all came down. Oh don't worry. There will be plenty of tears to come. More on this later. I don't really want to talk about it.

WOO HOO. Make that a double WOO!!!!! HOO!!!!! With superfluous exclamation points!!!!! And bold lettters!!! This weekend is a long weekend, and I'm going away for the first official camping trip of the year. Some friends and some friends of friends and I are all going to head off to a little known beach, pitch our tents, and have ourselves some serious fun. No campground, no other people (I hope!)... and, er, no bathrooms, but hey, that's what the forest is for... right? I'm excited to be outside, I'm excited to get to fall alseep listening to the ocean, I'm excited to just relax, I'm excited to find some goofy shenanigans to busy ourselves with, I'm excited to have some early morning time with God at the water's edge, I'm excited to get some great photos, and I'm excited to meet some awesome new people (here's lookin' at you!).

Our location is secret. If I told you, I'd HAVE to kill you. Well, ok, maybe not, but still. Too bad! I'm keeping this one to myself! :) But here's a few photos of the beach (photos link back to the people who took them. And yes, Melissa, I fully expect an email later on telling me that you found out what beach. Ready? GO! *grin*). I'll post photos of my own in the next few days.

The cookies are baked, the tent is hauled out of storage, and I'm off! Have a great weekend!


Melissa said...

Do you mean ME??? LOL! How the heck am I supposed to know where this beach is! I just know when your blog isn't working! (and email you to say "Did you know it was doing that? Did you want it to do that?" :D )

Though now that I've been issued this challenge... I'll get back to ya ;)

Melissa said...

Ok, that took me all of 30 seconds. Sheesh!

Email sent. ;)

sarah cool said...

1. NO BATHROOMS?!?!?!?!?! That is not CAMPING... that is wilderness survival training, you nutty canadian!!!!

2. have FUN!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!

love you!

3. i am purposely not discussing your letter right now.

Katrina said...

Oh, enjoy! I'm off for the weekend, too--some girlfriends and I on what I like to think of as our Moms Gone Wild trip. No beach, but lots of good food and good talk.

I hope you have a blast! Can't wait to see PHOTOS! ;)

Sarah said...

Great pictures!!!. You are going to be camping about a 20 minute walk from Shaun's Aunt and Uncle's place........... What a great spot!

Jean said...

Sorry about the letter..will be praying!!!

Have a fantastic weekend and looking forward to hearing about it!!! :)

Paul said...

Yeah, I've found it too, I guess it's too late to email you a may and directions though.

Paul said...

Er, of course I meant a MAP.

I have absolutely no idea how I would go about even trying to email you an entire MONTH.