Thursday, June 26, 2008

Through a lens darkly

Folks, I. Am. Sad. And kind of irritated. And disappointed. My camera is sick. My beauteous lovely wonderful camera that I love. Taking photos is no longer fun. In fact, it's a royal pain in the patootie.

On the last day of school, I was setting up to take a photo of my class. I wanted to be in it, so I got it all set up on the bookshelf facing the carpet area in my room. It was perched quite solidly, though the tip of the lens was off the shelf a little so that we didn't end up with a big strip of shelf in the photo. I set the timer and called the kids to the carpet. I was standing next to my camera so that no-one would bump it off the shelf.

Did I mention it was the last day of school? The kids are CRAZY on the last day of school. Cuh-RAZY. When I called them, a few little orangutans came FLYING to the carpet so fast that they bumped the shelf. The bump made the shelf rock forwards and back. The rocking forwards and back made my camera fall four feet onto the floor right onto its nose (lens). The falling on it's nose broke a plastic rimmy bit off the inside of the lens, rendering the lens useless through a littlve over half of it's range, and screwing with it's brain for the semi-useful other half.


Now, thankfully, this isn't an uber-fancy expensive lens. It's just the standard mediocre kit lens the camera came with, but still to replace it it's gonna be $200 new. And I don't really feel like shelling out two hundred beans for another mediocre lens. Which means I'm going to be upgrading waaaay earlier than I thought I would.

I'd like to blame the kids, but really, I should have been more careful, I guess. It's irritating.

Anyone got a Nikon 18-55 lens they're interested in getting rid of??? Oh, there have been SO many photos I've wanted to take recently. Dumb camera.

Folks, do NOT drop your cameras. Or let them loose anywhere near stampeding orangutans. Wah!

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