Wednesday, June 25, 2008

SO blessed

See these three people? They have SAVED MY LIFE. And they are AWESOME. And selfless and wonderful and helpful and fun and did I mention AWESOME?

I emailed a few friends to see if anyone would possibly be interested in helping me pack up my classroom one evening this week. I kinda didn't expect anyone to reply, cause, hello? Not exactly the funnest proposition in the whole wide world. But Harrison and Hary (Harrison, Hary, and Hillary! Hugo was gonna come, too, but was tied up. Shucks! We coulda been the 4-H club! hehe!) both volunteered and came to my classroom on Monday to help me sort, file, take down posters, get kids work ready to hand back, etc etc etc. Between the two of them, they spent SIX HOURS helping me get all kinds of work finished. They BLEW me away, and I am SO grateful for their help. They did SO. MUCH. WORK.

And then today after school, I was in the hallway and heard my phone ringing, so I ran in to grab it and it was Jenn. She told me that she had seen my Facebook status (Hillary is packing, packing, packing, and starting to say her goodbyes at the school she's loved for the last five years...), and knew that if SHE was packing up, she'd want some help, and did I want her to come by and help out for a few hours. !!!!!! I was so touched! AND, she brought me a frappucino!

Seriously, I would NOT have been able to get everything done by the end of this week if it hadn't have been for them. It just simply wouldn't. have. happened (it hasn't totally happened yet, but it's possible now because of them!).

So Harrison, Jenn, and Hary, if you're reading this (I hope I'm not embarrassing you!) YOU ARE MY HEROES! Your thoughtfulness and generosity are SO appreciated. Thank you for giving your time for me, and for being a living example of what friendship is all about!

I am SO blessed!

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nachtwache said...

That's awesome, what great friends!
All the best! I hope you'll love your new school at least as much, if not more.