Sunday, June 22, 2008

Around the house...

There are so SO many things I want to get done around my house. I rent, so it's not like I'm renovating, just year end organizing and general make-nicer-izing. Summer's coming (four more teaching days... though I'm not looking forward to the end this year, that's for sure), which means I'll have more TIME to actually get anything DONE around here.

* Sort and file paid bills
* Re-organize bookshelf and filing cabinet
* Replace overhead light fixtures in bedroom, kitchen, living room
* Sort (and get rid of!!!) massive pile of paper on my desk
* Clean out storage room
* Chose photos and design photo wall to go over my couch
* Print out, frame, and hang photos
* Make blog book (ok, that's not really around the house, but it's still a "to do" item)
* Back up hard drive
* Paint bedroom??? (Which would have been a much smarter thing to do BEFORE I bought my new set of bedroom furniture! D'Oh!)
* Buy plants and actually have flowers in my pots outside, not dead weedy things from last year


Ugh! That's enough! I'm overwhelmed already (ok, ok, I know that's not a lot compared to some of your lists, but it's still a lot, and I'm still teaching summer school, and by golly, I do'nt think you realize how much PAPER is in my house right now! Gaaaah!)! But boy will it be nice to have TIME to do this stuff! And I'll actually be around this summer to enjoy it once it's all done! Hooray!

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Niki Devereaux said...

Sounds a lot like my list! I keep putting it off saying "well... I need a filing cabinet and there's no point in buying ANOTHER one, I'll just wait until I get the one from BC out here..." <-- lame-o excuse, because it only cost $15 and is plastic and 2 drawers. Sigh.

Although my parents came out and brought me a shredder (wa-hoo!), so now I can get rid of some of my paper...have you invested in one? So. Much. Fun! :)