Friday, November 30, 2007

Stop! <--- (also a hint)

[Last day of NaBloPoMo! Woohoo! I made it! It was way easier than last year. I guess I'm getting more verbose in my old age? Ha! Ok, obligatory NaBloPoMo comment over. Back to our regularly scheduled programming...]

I was never very sporty when I was growing up. My ginger-haired sister and baby brother always seemed to have more fire in them - more competitive spirit. They were always more into sports than I was. Frankly, I found organized sports just plain scary. I never felt very good at them, and was often intimidated by what I saw as the posh, cliquey societies that surrounded them.

But times are a-changing. I'm still not hugely into team sports, but I am doing things I ever thought I'd do. Backpacking in the mountains. Travelling on my own. Dancing! I guess this Sunday night is just another way I'm trying to spice up my life by doing things I never thought I would. I'm getting so excited!

And by the way? Eighty six of you saw my blog yesterday. Eighty-six different people. And I love you all. But for my three commenters? Jean, Heather, and Melissa, you're the bestest! Sooooo.... you get another day to guess! (Yeah yeah, I realize that that's because nobody really cares, but I'm having fun, so humour me! :P )


carrie said...

Hmmmm. . . I am terrible at guessing games! Maybe joined a softball team? Or! I know! Joined one of those new fangled kick ball teams that are so popular?

Melissa said...

I can post 85 more times. Would that help?

Melissa said...

Ok well if no one else is going to guess, I'll keep guessing!

-TV Appearance.
-Performing live or involved in some kind of opening ceremony for something.
-Dance marathon.
-Launching yourself into outer space.
-Cloning yourself.
-Going on Survivor... oh wait. You did that already ;)

Melissa said...

Oh! You're going to the North Pole!
(and dancing with the elves!)

Melissa said...


nici said...

My guess: You got a part in a local musical. That would be very cool and judging from your enthusiasm about dancing and music, that would totally fit.