Thursday, November 15, 2007

I am...

... tired, grumpy, getting sick, completely fed up, nearly burned out, and absolutely amazed I didn't walk out of my job right smack dab in the middle of the day today.

No, seriously.

I have had e-nough. ENOUGH! I would REALLY REALLY REALLY like a day - just ONE! -where I'm not dealing with kids (ok, that kid) dumping sand in someone's hair, pouring milk on their head, throwing blocks at other children, splashing water in people's faces, breaking kid's lego creations, pushing/shoving/kicking, stealing other kid's belongings, lying about what's been done, blaming other kids... shall I go on? Here's to a better day tomorrow. Man, not even nearly four hours of dancing - two lessons and a dance - got me out of this mood, and that's sayin' something.

So no, no real "I am" post today. I am... really glad God's not keeping track.



Melissa said...

I am... Sorry :(

I hope today is better.

Emily said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. Believe me I know how 1 kid can pretty much ruin a class. Hope you can find a solution soon!

nachtwache said...

I wonder what sort of home this kid comes from. Sure sounds like a really troubled kid, and one that might benefit from a good wallop!
They can be a source of great joy and great frustration.
It's society's and the parent's job to teach them civilized behaviour. :)
TGIF? I wish you a wonderful weekend, where you'll recharge and all the best with your "little" challenge.
( little referring to the size of the little terror, not the problem.)

Melissa said...

I was actually thinking "learning disorder" based on that description.

jenn said...

ugh - I hope Friday was better. if not, I hope the parents are appalled and promise to work on things starting immediately!