Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Because I'm tired of hearing myself talk about school and dancing

I have a life, really! I do!

In bold is what's happened in 2007 so far:

*Updated to clarify: I have NOT done everything on this list! The bolded ones are ones I've done in 2007. The ones in italics I've done, but not in 2007. Them plain ol' list items? Never done. Is that clearer? ;)

- lost a friend
- stayed single the whole year
- kissed someone new
- kissed in a car
- kissed in the snow
- kissed in the rain
- fell in love
- had your heart broken
- broke someone else's heart
- had a stalker
- questioned your sexual orientation
- came out of the closet
- got married
- had a divorce
- dated someone you'll never forget
- done something you've regretted (why are these listed so close together?)
- lost your first love
- lost faith in love
- kissed under mistletoe
- shoplifted
- caught a shoplifter
- got a promotion
- got a pay raise
- changed jobs
- lost your job
- quit your job
- applied for a job
- dated a co-worker
- dated your boss
- got fired from your job
- did something you were proud of
- discovered a new talent
- were involved in something you'll never forget
- painted a picture
- wrote a poem
- ran a mile
- listened to music you couln't stand
- double dipped
- skinny-dipped
- went to a sleepover
- went camping
- threw a surprise party
- had a party thrown for you (there's still time! It's not too late!)
- laughed till you cried
- laughed till you peed in your pants
- slept the whole day
- flirted with a boy/girl/boyfriend/girlfriend
- visited a different country
- cooked a disastrous meal
- lost something important to you
- got a gift you adore
- realized something new about yourself
- tripped over a coffee table
- dyed your hair
- came close to losing your life
- someone close to you died
- went to a party
- drank alcohol
- drank alcohol underage
- did drug(s)
- got drunk (well, close, anyway. I've still never been full out drunk)
- got arrested
- read a great book
- saw a great movie
- pretended to like someone (isn't that called 'sales'? :)
- saw a movie so scary that it made you cry
- saw one of your favorite band/artist live
- saw someone famous in person
- did something you want to tell everyone
- enjoyed this year overall


Melissa said...

Ok this is really lame... I doubt I'd bold more than about 6 of those! Lol! Who made this list? I demand a better list!

Melissa said...

Oh, and one more thing. When I first read the list I thought you'd done ALL of those things and that bold ones were just the newest ones from 2007!

Abbey said...

Hahaha...I had the EXACT same thoughts as Melissa...thought you'd done them all...then I got to a certain few and realized, "Oh...she's highlighting what she has done...gotcha!"

I like this list. Where'd you get it?

Hillary said...

Really? Now the question I'm not sure I want the answer to is "which item made you realize it was only the bolded ones I've done in 2007???" hehehe!

I think I saw this on a friend's Facebook or something. It's a version of a meme that's been floating around for a while.

Melissa said...

abbey! THANK YOU! Lol!

Hillary, the one about questioning your sexual orientation made me think "Really? HIllary? Hmmmm... Ok. Why not." but then the part about coming out seemed wrong. Because I think if you *were* gay, you would be "out" about it. At least on your blog. And ya ain't! Lol! But then if you were pretending to be straight on your blog, then why would you include that in that list? So that was the biggest "Hmmm... this makes no sense" item for me.

Then there was the shoplifting, and the drug use... I mean hey, I have friends that have used drugs and I know people that shoplifted when they were kids, but those just didn't seem to fit you.

And I was worried about you and your stalker :(

So yeah. Then I figured it out! Lol! And I like your new "clarification" edit!

Abbey said...

I realized that you'd done the bolded ones in '07 when I hit this section:

- questioned your sexual orientation
- came out of the closet
- got married
- had a divorce

Because I'm pretty sure I would have remembered THOSE being announced on your blog this year. : ) hee hee hee