Thursday, November 08, 2007


Getting into these kids heads is always an adventure, but I made a discovery today.

Most times when we do any writing, we brainstorm first and we write the kids ideas or keywords on the chart paper for them to refer to. The rule is that they have to be able to read what they write, so they're not supposed to choose something if they can't read it. Well one of my grade ones is ALWAYS choosing to write things she can't read. I've been trying to figure it out - can she not read ANYthing? That's not it. Does she forget the rule? Nope, she can tell it back to me.

Today I was looking at her writing and decided to look on the chart to see what she had copied. That's when I made my discovery. Everything she had written was written in red on the chart paper. Red is her favourite colour, so she's been copying everything in that colour.


I'll be running interference starting tomorrow. Heeheehee!


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Anne said...

That's so funny!! It's so interesting the things they'll latch on to and use no matter what just because of the color...

Katrina said...

Great light bulb moment! I would never have put that together!

Jean said...

HAA!! Kudo's to you for figuring it out! ahhhh kids.. :)