Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It's just like Christmas!!!

Oh Scholastic Book Clubs, how I love thee!

Anyone else know what I'm talking about? There is a publishing company here in Canada (are they in the States, too?) that publishes all kinds of kids books, teacher resources, classroom supplies, and so on and so forth. Every month they send out fliers to participating teachers to send home with their students. The kids look through the fliers and, should they so desire, order books. Filling out the forms, collecting the money, and ordering is kind of a pain - just one more thing I've got to fiddle with - BUT! With every order I get free picks depending on how much the total is. I get to pick a book or two for free! Who doesn't love free stuff???

But the even bigger jackpot are the bonus coupons. Again, depending on the size of the order and how many orders have been placed in the school year, I get bonus coupons when the books arrive. The coupons are good for anything that scholastic puts out - furniture, posters, fancy pencils, software, and BOOKS! Books galore!

Last year I did Scholastic for both my class and another class, so I ended up getting a lot of coupons. I wanted to save them up and do a big order closer the end of the year, but by that time, I didn't know what grade I would be teaching. No point in ordering a bunch of intermediate English books if I was going to be teaching primary French Immersion.

So I held off. Till now. I just received my just-over FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR order of books.

I! AM! SO! EXCITED!!!!!!!

I have nearly 100 books and CDs to go along with 20 of them for listening centers - picture books, non-fiction books, counting books, alphabet books, Caldecott Medal books, Robert Munsch books. Twenty-five books in a series called "The Best Me I Can Be" books - all with titles like "I am a good friend," or "I make good choices," or "I am respectful," or "I am creative." (heh, sound familiar?) I'm SO excited to teach social responsibility through these books! I have a 16 book series on holidays and special days, with posters to go with them. Halloween, Ramadan, Diwali, Easter, Earth Day, 100 Day, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year...

Books! Books! Beautiful books! Oh how I can't wait to dive into them!

Now if only I could find a place in my classroom to KEEP them all!


Melissa said...

I want to be in your class!

Yes we have Scholastic in the states :)

Umm... what's "100 Day?" -Did you put that in just to see if anybody was paying attention? ;)

(Ok, I just looked it up! But feel free to blog about it to fulfill tomorrow's quota!)

Katrina said...

Yes, I *heart* Scholastic! I used to love getting those colorful book order sheets in school! Congrats on all your new books. :D

sarah cool said...

Hahaha.. WOW Hillary! $500!! Was it all free? Did you pay a % of that?? I'm impressed!!

Anne said...

I wanna...How does a non-teacher-book-obsessed-person get into this type of deal?!