Saturday, November 03, 2007

Welcome to Melissa!

She's been commenting on my blog for a while now - often with wise words, encouragement, or humour, always with kindness. She's emailed me about some posts, and I've enjoyed talking with ehr back and forth that way, too. You've never seen her blog, though, because she didn't have one.

Apparently a few people have been harassing - er, I mean encouraging - her to start up her own blog, but she's been holding out on us...

Until now!

The newest blogger on the block has taken up the NaBloPoMo challenge to begin her new blogging career, and not only is she trying to post once a day, noooo. That would be too simple. She's aiming for TWICE! She's posting about something she's thankful for in the morning (FABULOUS idea, no?), then posting something else in the evening.

So there will be no shortage of things to read on her blog, let me tell you! And? This girl can write, and is FUNNY!

Go check out her blog, and be sure to leave a comment for her - comments make us happy!

Melissa's Place: Part of Everything. Go say hello!

(and I was totally gonna post about this BEFORE she wrote that awesome post, really! (even if she DOES call me freakish! ;) Hee hee hee! Just teasin, Melissa!)


karen said...

I like that thankful in the morning thing -- I just might have to copy that one!

Melissa said...

Hillary, you rock! Thank you so much :) I'm *blushing*!

(So can I frame this post and laminate it or something? ;) )

Katrina said...

Woot! A new blogger adds her unique voice to the blogsphere! (Or should that be "blogosphere"?) Thanks for sharing the link!

nachtwache said...

Been there already. Melissa helped me understand NaBloPo a bit better. I loved that photo of two Hillaries on her blog.

Christine said...

Yeah, but the question is, will she wash me with SUPER soap?!?

heh. heh.

Melissa said...

nachtwache: That photo had me smiling for days. My other favorites are the jumping ones, and the recent fall pictures :)

Christine: You'll have ask Mickey for that ;)