Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Choose Your Own Adventure

There's lots to catch up on, so let's do it "Choose your own adventure" style, shall we? Click the links to all the posts I should have written over the last few weeks to find out more! (They're not all just below this one, some are hiding among posts that actually WERE written. It's a game, or sorts. Maybe only fun for me, but hey...)


A hot summer Saturday is the perfect opportunity for a hike. So, of course, I seized that opportunity last weekend and had a SPECTACULAR day. I didn't, however, end up with many photos, because my camera was misbehaving. (To read about WHY my camera was misbehaving, and how I blame orangutans, click here) But it was a gorgeous hike, with views of Howe Sound, the Gulf Islands, and the Lions.

Through the forest and past meadows and viewpoints, it was a good climb, too, and I felt good and wiped out by the end. The trail was also a little tricky in places, because there was a windstorm this past week, and there were a TON of blown down branches along the trail, and even a few large, gnarled trees - though these were most likely there before the windstorm - that completely blocked the path. (To find the answer to the age old arithmetic problem "Summer School + Windstorm = ???" click here.) But then again, what's a hike without a little scrambling straight up a steep forest floor, blazing your own path as you go? There was still quite a bit of snow during the last part of the hike, too, but we managed fine. (Well, mostly fine. To read about one effect of lots of snow on a hike and how that relates to prunes, click here.) Too bad there was no good opportunity for bum skiing!

Tired and dirty, we all decided the best place to go after a good climb to the top of a mountain was the ocean, with a pit stop to Dairy Queen first, of course! (For more on ice cream and corn, click here!) After woofing down our Blizzards, we hightailed it to the beach and in we dove for a swim. (To find out about another beach day and why the cops should have hauled me off to jail, click here.) Ah, glorious ocean! The water was beautiful, as was the hour and a bit we spent lying on the warm sand drying off and soaking in a whole lot of sunshine.

I arrived home: happy, hungry, and ... hexhausted (like "exhausted," but better, cause it starts with an H like the other words in my list), and flopped on the couch to eat nachos and guac and watch TV. Turns out The Princess Diaries 2 was on, so I unashamedly watched the entire thing and even cried at the end. Um, kind of a lot. Did mention how hexhausted I was? (Now that just looks like I'm a witch. Hex? Really? Whatever. Wow. I'm losing focus here, people. Where was I? Oh. Right... To read about another time I was completely hexausted and a little train spoke to me, click here.)

And that brings me to now. Totally, completely hex... tuckered out, I'm headed to bed. Pitter patter around the posts I linked to. They're not ALL as nutty as this one.

Some are even nuttier.

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AfricaBleu said...

You are so darn clever--I love this post! I used to be ALL ABOUT the choose-your-own-adventure books. Kudos, smarty-pants.

And thanks for the invite I received in the email; alas, Canada is a mite out of my driving range, at the present moment. Have fun anyway.