Friday, January 19, 2007

You people search for WEIRD things

Well, ok, not YOU people. YOU people all search for normal, understandable things. But SOME people...

All of the phrases below are things people have searched for in the last little while that have landed them on my blog. I'm just including them here cause I think they're funny/interesting/disturbing. Some, yeah, I could see how they got that.Others... yeah, I have NO IDEA. This list is of course void of all the bajillions of versions of my blog's title that people search for (it's a line in a song, so it comes up a lot). Though "tragic love" is often searched for, and they land here. I'm really hopnig that's not indicative of something!!! Anyway, here be the list (with my own commentairies in brackets). Oh, and the weird characters? Those are my doing. I really don't need MORE people finding my site that way.

1. does rachelle love brad [no, I'm pretty sure she loves Nathan]
2. volleyball in the snow [um... noooo... I never made kids play volleyball in the snow]
3. sometimes i just sit and think, sometime i just sit [it's true!]
4. redneck gingerbread trailer [Jon's trailer is so famous even people from the eastern states have been looknig for it. Different people, and multiple times.]
5. quick change dance magic show [Quick change dance magic. That's the kind of dance I'm going to take next. It's very tricky. Too bad it's so quick, you miss all the tricks. And the magic.]
6. chinese @dult entert@inment [sorry buddy, you're not going to find what you're looking for here! Ew!]
7. hillary and candy ho down [who told them about my gingerbread party???]
8. homemade jube jubes [Where? I want some!]
9.. lumpy_goat [uhhhh... AND, this came up LONG before my comment to SarahCool about baby goats. (if you click on one link in this list, click on this one!)]
10. hello hillary crazy [yeah yeah. We get it already]
11. videos of couples m@king l0ve in public [ummm... again, not gonna find what you're looking for, buddy. Double ew.]
12. the famous dingle dangle man dilema [Ah yes. What girl DOESN'T have these? Perhaps that's why they're famous. Though I didn't know the dilemma dingled and dangled.]
13. felted umbilical cord hats [um, ew?]
14. homepage von crazy class [That's SO what I'm going to title my class' webpage if I ever do one]

So folks, keep on keepin' on with google... it provides me with some good chuckles.


nachtwache said...

FUNny!! HOW do you find out that info? Enquiring minds want to know. Well, I want to know, not that I'll necessarily understand it, being pretty much computer illiterate :P BUT, I'm learning. Blogging and reading blogs can certainly be amusing.

Jenn said...

the famous dingle dangle man dilema

lol - I have to google this now myself just to see what else is out there!

you're right. we must be weird... :P

Anonymous said...

That IS so funny to look up sometimes...

Wendy said...


Queen Bee said...

I never get those weird things, but I don't feel left out AT ALL. Not sure why anyone would be searching for "felted umbilical cord hats"!!!

Hillary said...

nachtwache - I have what's called a stat counter installed on my site - it counts visitors but also tells me things like what website they come from, what pages on my blog they read, and all that kind of info. It also tells me what people search for if they've done a search to get to my site. is the site.

Karen said...

I need to change my stat counter -- to see the searches that lead people to my blog seems to require payment. I love hearing other people's lists though!

nachtwache said...

Thank you, Hillary! I'll see if I can figure it out, If not, my husband, who's great on computers, will HAVE TO help me :)

Anonymous said...

Hehehehe!! You do love that Baby Goat story!! (so do I!)

These are SO FUNNY!! Mine are never as funny as this!!!

75% of my keyword hits are for "pecan encrusted chicken"