Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I'm here (kinda)

I'm still getting acquainted with ye ole library computing system. Arg. Though today I learned that I can book the first available computer and not have to wait an hour or peer over people's shoulders to see how much time is remaining on their login time before I choose the computer to line up behind. Woohoo my life is so exciting.

I honestly don't know what the HECK is taking SO LONG for this dude to fix my machine. Though, I suppose it's been good to not have the computer as a distraction while I've been on holidays. I have gotten a lot done - a big overhaul in my house, cleaned out my storage room, and now I'm working on getting caught up on all the marking I was so behind on before Christmas. It's been good, too, cause I've had lots of time to think and work through some personal stuff that I needed to work though. Perhaps God knew I needed to be computerless for a while? Hmmm....

Though I HAVE missed ye ole typical year-in-review blog post type thingamabobs, and the requisite declaration of all that will be new and shiny in 2007. Or something like that. Sitting and writing that out takes some thought, and it's not exactly what I wanna be doing at the public library (with all those people peering over my shoulder to see how much time is remaining on my login time before they choose the computer to line up behind!!).

I've missed reading all your blogeroonies. I basically just check email and a little bit more while I'm at ye ole public access workstation. I'll have some serious catching up to do once I get my machine back.

Apparently I have some obsession with old English type writing today. I've said "ye ole" thrice (THRICE!) without even noticing it. Huh.

Thanks for all your New Years wishes! I've been wishing them right back at you, if only in spirit!

Tootlieoodles for now! Hope to be back soon!


Anonymous said...

Here's hoping you're back in business before I push the "send" button.

And for the record, you can NEVER say "ye olde" OR "thrice" to often.


happy and blue 2 said...

Hope you get your computer back soon. Libraries are full of old books and such..

Queen Bee said...

You just make me laugh, Hillary, that's all I have to say. Oh, and that I missed you while I was AWOL ;)