Thursday, January 04, 2007

"Paper Boy" update

This is a follow up from this post.

Just before Christmas, my brother, who is working in Stanley Park cleaning up all the downed trees after a mega windstorm a few weeks ago, was talking to one of the swarms of media in the park about the destruction that the windsrotm caused. The guy told my brother that he was waiting for someone to walk by so he could take a shot, but nobody had come along, and would he like to be in a shot. My bother jsut shrugged his shoulders and was like, eh, sure. So the guy snapped the picture and then Brendan asked, "So, who are you with, anyway?" He thought it was pretty cool that he was from the Globe and Mail, so decided to pick up a copy of the paper the next day and thumb through to see if he could find his picture. Turns out it was on the FRONT PAGE!

CeCe suggested I blow up the photo and give it to him for Christmas. BRILLIANT! Now I was just going to get a copy of the paper and cut out the picture and frame it, but it turns out my pernts had a similar idea. My mom did some detective work online for me (during my internet-less stint) and found the photographer's email address. She emailed him and asked if it was possible to buy a copy of the photo. "I know you can't see his face, but still, that's my boy!" Hehe. Moms. Anyway, the photographer emailed her back right away and said that yeah, he had remembered talking to my brother, and it was Christmas, so he just attatched the photo. Within about two hours of my mom emailing the photographer, a blown up print was ready and waiting for me at the developers. Score!

I'm going to have the print custom framed for him, perhaps with the Globe and Mail header on top. It totally went over well, yippee! Thanks, CeCe for the awesome idea! And she was totally right. My brother said that he SO would never have thought of doing that for himself.

Here he is with his photo. (Click for a larger view)


Melissa said...

Your brother's cute :)


a) A set of 2 frames, one for the photo and one for the full front page from the paper.

b) One frame, large, with both on the front overlaid

c) One frame: Photo on front, newspaper on the back.

* For the paper, you can scan and scale the paper to whatever size you'd like if you don't want to use the original. But present him with the original too, even if it's in plastic and taped to the back of the frame.

(Hee hee! Funny! Your mom's comment about "My Boy" -the last 4 letters of the "word verification" I need to type in are myby :) )

Paul said...

You could just reproduce the Globe and Mail header (including the date line of course) and the Stanley Park Story, using them to frame the photo in roughly the same place as it sits on the paper (I also recommend setting the photo a little back from the text using a photographic mount). You'd end up needing roughly a square frame and you could omit some of the other superflous and depressing articles.

If you want help, I could probably mock something up for you in photoshop.

Welcome back to you too btw. Although I realise that you've not been missing from the blogosphere quite as long as me. To think I last posted in..., September, yes it was definitely September [shifty eyes, guilty look].

Rainypete said...

What a cool gift! Plus the photog being generous enough to give a free copy of the file is just great. Unusual in this day and age indeed!

CeCe said...

I'm glad it went over well!

Queen Bee said...

Paul's suggestions are great. I want to see when it's all done!