Monday, January 29, 2007

I won!!!!

Holy shneikie!!!! I just got a phone call from some organization that had a draw that I entered who knows when. It turns out that they drew my name and I won two Canucks tickets AND a 2-for-1 voucher for a Carnival Cruise. Now before getting all excited about it, I was like, ok, right, and what 2 hour time share presentation or $500 lifetime membership to a furniture "discount" store hoop do I have to jump through before MAYBE winning these tickets?

I asked all the skeptical questions I could think of, but, it turns out, there were none! I entered, they drew me, and I won! Thoughts immediately jumped to spring break cruises or what have you...

"I just need to ask you a few qualifying questions"

Oh great, here goes. No, wait, that's like one of those "skill testing questions" or something, right?

"Maam, this promotion is for couples... are you currently married or living common-law with someone?"


"Uhhh... no?"

"Ok, I'm sorry maam. Then you don't qualify. But I'll put your name back in the box for hte draw next week for blah blah blah..."

Crap. Tell me again, WHY didn't I jsut say yes? Oh right. Lying is bad. Phooey to that.

Dumb lady. Call me and get me all excited about my sweet prize, then take it away from me! How RUDE!


nachtwache said...

Life just isn't fair! That's singles discrimination!! Singlephobia? It sounds strange, promotion?, that's hardly a proper draw. If you win, you win, being single or not should not matter. The one thing I found, after switching to the new blogger, some previous comments changed to anonymous, I see that happened to you too.

Hillary said...

Aw, CRAP! I see that now. Dang. I KNEW I should have stayed with the old blogger. Grrr.

nachtwache said...

You didn't really have a choice:( I guess it's not a perfect system. Did you see my poem?? :) on the scrubbs post

Jenn said...

lol - I love these guys. I never enter any contests, and yet I still win too!

I tell them off when they get to the question about my annual income. If you refuse to answer, you don't get the prizes either!

Hillary said...

Nactwatche - yes, I saw your poem! Very cute! It even inspired a spin-off! :D

sarah cool said...

"But I'll put your name back in the box for hte draw next week for blah blah blah..."

Because you'll have a common law husband by this time next week? Hehehehehe!!! What was she thinking!!

Emily said...

I've learned if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Sorry.....that sucks!

Jean said...

Did you at least get the tickets or did you have to be married to go see a hockey game?

Hillary said...

Nope, apparently wedded bliss is required for the hockey game, too!

Shunned for my singleness? Think it'd hold up in court? Maybe I could become rich off this.

(then I could just go buy my OWN darn hockey tickets! THAT'LL show them... um... no, wait...) ;)

Katrina said...

That IS rude! You should have been able to take a friend of your choice with you. Lame, lame, lame!