Sunday, December 10, 2006

Get me a dentist, STAT!

Stepping into my house after church today, my nose was greeted with the leftovers of last night's party. Cinnamon, cloves, gingerbread... but the most overwhelming aroma was one that threatened to rush in and pound out my teeth one by one. My house smells like SUGAR. I kid you not.

Chocolate. Jube jubes. Licorice. Smarites. Gummy bears. Ribbon Candy. Nerds. M&Ms. Cherry Blasters. Reces Pieces. Bubble Tape. Rosebuds. Marshmallows. Sour kids. Sprinkles. And gobs and gobs of royal icing.

Really, I could get another sugar high just from breathing right now.

Oh yes. It was a gingerbread extravaganza. I learned many things last night. Number one, when you ask people to bring a small amount of candy, hooboy, do they deliver. Number two, there is no end to the creativity of my friends. The redneck gingerbread trailer with pink bubble tape door is witness to that. Number three, when there's a crowd to do it, putting up all my Christmas decorations takes approximately 3.7 seconds. And, speaking of crowds, number four, I learned that I really can fit 18 people in my little suite (well, "fit" might not be the best word, but they were in here). Yessss!

Oh man, my head still hurts from the sugar rush. And I still have stacks of gingerbgread left over, not to mention the MASSIVE bag of leftover candy. Perhaps I'll send my students home with little (ok, huge) goody bags. On the last day of school, of course, when I don't have to see them again for two weeks. ;-)

Pictures to come...


happy and blue 2 said...

Sounds like a great time. Do you think there will be candy left over for the kids, ha,ha..

Jenn said...

yep - I want to see a pic of that redneck trailer!! :P

Anonymous said...

Oh! This sounds so fun! I wish I could have come!!!! :-) :-)

Anonymous said...

if you haven't fed them to your kids, save some gingerbread for me!