Sunday, January 07, 2007

Apparently I'm going for the insane-o of the week award


Level 2 of my west coast swing dancing class is almost finished. Near the end of level 1, I posted a few videos of some pro swing dancers in action. Well this time round I've found a series on YouTube called Move of the Week, where they teach you a new West Coast Swing move, you got it, every week. (They're all just 30 second clips, and be sure your sound is on)

For example, there's this one.

Looks kinda tricky, but pretty sleek if you can master it.

But then there are these. It's like swing dancing on drugs. Or at least really really drunk. The first one is called the Turtle.

Oh but it gets better. Here's Eggroll Swimming.

And the piece de resistance in classy sleek smooth sexy west coast swing dancing is here.

This makes me laugh out loud EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And? Did anybody think it was really weird that that brontasaurus has six toes? Do brontasauruses (brontasauri?) even HAVE toes???


brian said...

I believe at one point during our lesson, Hillary was making Brontasauras noises in an attempt to try one of "Move of the Weeks". It was a good thing I saw the video *before* the lesson. Maybe we can ask Hillary to make an move of the week using chopsticks, since she just mastered them. (I didn't know you had troubles... :-)

Hillary said...


ooooh... wait. I did! OH NOOOOO!!! I really did roar at you, didn't I??? I *DO* get the insane-o of the week award! BUT, I did not actually attempt the move. I just roared at you.

Yeah, somehow that doesn't make it better.

Hillary said...

Oh, and chopstick dance move? You're SO on.

Anonymous said...


And yeah, it doesn't make it any better that you just roared at him "just because." : )

When are we gonna see YOU on these MOVES of the WEEK videos????

CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of dinos, you crazy brontasaurus, you...

My favorite dinosaur is the Tri-SARAH-tops.

Jenn said...

level 2!? This is getting serious! When do we get a showcase?

but, um, don't worry about the brontosaurus looks WAY too tricky...!

Paul said...

I don't remember any brontosauruses or turtles, but it has been a while.

There is a swing club in London. I have considered it a couple of times, but always thought up a good excuse not to go.