Friday, May 30, 2008

Workplace hazards

I have DRA elbow.

'Tis the season for administering the Developmental Reading Assesments. This means lots of independent work for the other kids while I sit with them one at a time and listen to them read, take running records, discuss the book and ask comprehension questions.

I sit sideways to my table in those little mini chairs, knees up by my ears, pencil in my left hand on the table, while I face the student who is reading to me and have my right hand in my lap. I'm resting on my left elbow as I check off miscues and make notes about the reading strategies they use.

And I've been resting on my elbow so much that it is swollen and sore. Do you think worker's comp covers DRA elbow? No? I didn't think so either! hehehe!

In other news, I'm not exactly sure how this happened, but there's been a flurry of field trip planning in the last week and, including this week, we now have one field trip a week until the end of the school year. ONE. TRIP. A. WEEK. That's insane!

This week we went to go see Alligator Pie - a live theatre production based on the poems of Dennis Lee. Next week we're walking over to the high school to see the theatre department's production of Dr. Seuss' The Lorax. Not to mention that we're showing the movie How To Eat Fried Worms as the wrap-up to our worm unit AND it's Sports Day on Friday. The week after that we're taking the bus (oh. my. good. heavens - PUBLIC TRANSIT with 42 six, seven, and eight year olds?!?!?! What were we THINKING?) to the Vancouver Museum to do the Pioneer Vancouver program. The week after that is Beach Day - a full day of play at Stanley Park's Second Beach. And, just cause we're suckers for punishment, the third-to-last day of school we're braving public transit AGAIN to go to Science World to play, explore, discover and do a workshop all about soil and worms.

Oh man, I'm exhausted already just thinking about it!

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Melissa said...

Again, I want to be you. -Except for the elbow part.

And I thought you wrote "as I check off MUCUS" then I guess I was still stuck on the elbow thing and I thought you wrote meniscus...

Don't use big words with me! ;) :D