Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

What??? Earth Day was two weeks ago, you say? Well not according to my bulletin board, it's not. My kidlets did a big huge writing project a few days before the real Earth Day, but because I'm not as quick on my feet as I'd like to be, I didn't start it in time for them to get if finished by the actual day. But that's ok, it was all done by the Friday after Earth Day.

As with all projects they work really hard on, I promised them that I'd put their writing up on the bulletin board outside our classroom, and they were excited about it being showcased. I didn't get to it on Friday, as I was at a workshop at the board all day. I had no time to take down the current bulletin board and put up the new one. Monday was an after school staff meeting. Tuesday I was dealing with this work situation till late. Wednesday I had to leave early to go tutoring. Turns out I was away on Thursday and Friday of last week, too. Yesterday was another meeting, so today... finally today, I got a chance to put up the Earth Day projects.

Two full weeks after Earth Day.

No problemo. The title accross the bulletin board? "EVERY Day Is Earth Day For Div. 21!"

Heh. What're ya gonna do? I tried, I really did!


Melissa said...

Happy Earth Day :)

anne said...

Every day IS earth day! :)

sarah cool said...

dude.... at least you did something. i went to kroger on Earth Day and used plastic bags. whoops.

i remember when my school would give us all tiny trees to take home and plant!! that was awesome.