Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happiness is...

... last minute plans that quickly trumped the Friday night plan of eating a quick and easy dinner and falling asleep on the couch by myself
... abandoning all "should be's," "oughtta be's," and "would be's" for a fun evening off
... three girlfriends in a red jeep jabbering about life & boys & dancing & babies & more boys
... chocolate with a generous splash of grand marnier melting on the stove
... a never-ending plate of bananas and cherries and oranges and strawberries and watermelon - all doused in mouth-watering warm gooey dark chocolate
... laughing gut-splittingly and hysterically at a good movie... and at eachother!
... good girlfriends, silliness, and friendships that make me a rich, rich woman

Thanks, ladies! You made my week! :)


sarah cool said...

Ok. I need some chocolate covered fruit, STAT. :) :) YUM!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

Me too. I've been wanting to have a foundue night for a while. May have to do that soon.