Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cause I'm anal like that

Yesterday I put up a bulletin board with some fabulous stories my kidlets had written. As soon as I was finished, I realized that the stories slowly get higher and higher as they go along the row. They're not level. It bothered me last night, but I was in a hurry to leave so didn't do anything about it. But it's been grating at my eyeballs all day today, and even though it's 6:16pm and I am hungry and tired and have work to do at home and I am so SO sick of being here today, I am going to stay and fix it. I will measure down from the top of the board, make a faint pencil line to line them all up to, pull all the staples out, and REDO the bulletin board so that it's level.

I am a sick, sick woman.


Katrina said...

I would TOTALLY do the same thing!

sarah cool said...

..... and, yes, we are friends for a reason.

Melissa said...

It HAD to be done.