Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's all downhill from here

Stopped at stoplight on my way to tutoring last night, I was fiddling with my hair when I saw a curious sight. One hair seemed to be really, really blonde. This is strange, as I am definitely NOT a blonde. Highlights, maybe, but this was even lighter than that. So I isolated it and yanked it out. To my horror, I found that it was NOT just really blonde.

It was grey.


I had found my first grey hair. It's inevitable, I suppose, but right then, sitting in my car at Clark and King Ed, a little part of me died inside.



Sarah said...

I feel your pain. I found my first grey hair about a month ago. I spent about 2 weeks convinced that it wasn't really a grey hair, and then thinking that okay it was a grey hair, but it wasn't because of old age. I was convinced I had a b12 deficiency and then perhaps a thyroid problem and oh .... I think I just need to accept it. It really sucks to have a grey hair, and not even have any children to blame it on.

Jean said...

I've had a few myself. And if it makes you feel any better, Anne noticed one on Alina. It was immediately yanked. I'm praying it was a fluke.. :)

Katrina said...

Me too. More than one. Several more, actually. I've stopped yanking them out, so that's progress in self-acceptance, right?

Melissa said...

I found my first one when I was 18. My friend's kid pointed it out and I told them it was a highlight. When I pulled it out to prove it to them, it actually was a highlight. Then later when I was looking in the mirror I thought "but that one doesn't look like a highlight..." -And *that* one was gray.

Didn't bother me though. I thought it was kind of funny.

Wait 'till you find a striped one. I had a few of those early on. Like my hair thought it was going to be brown for 1/4-inch, then decided it wanted to be gray instead, then decided it wanted to be brown again, then gray, then brown... My hair was having an identity crisis.

Anonymous said...

it's ok hillary, I found my first one about 3yrs ago, and I was how old then?