Friday, May 23, 2008

I carried a watermelon?!?

Oy vey, do dumb things come out of my mouth. Or, more accurately, just a LOT of things come out of my mouth. I basically talked Dooce's ear off. Go me.

So yes, I really did go meet Heather and Jon Armstrong tonight down at Granville Island tonight. I stood in line for over an hour - but that's ok - there lots of cool people in the lineup to talk to. First impression: wow, are they ever tall! And beautiful. They were super laid back, despite having been there for two and a half hours talking to dozens of strangers. Hmm... I'm trying to remember what we chatted about. What they were going to do in Vancouver, how great blogging is for meeting cool people (Anne, Jean, and Sarah, I told her about our Chicago weekend, etc), and random chit chat about Chuck, Coco, and Leta (dog, dog, daughter, in that order). But mostly I just randomly talked at her.

Hehehe, I'm such a geek! :)


Anonymous said...

You got blog love!

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anne said...

Look at YOU! With DOOCE!! And Mr. Dooce...ha ha... :) I think a bloglebrity would be just as intimidating to meet as a regular celeb! :)

Carol Browne said...

Ha! Great shot! Definitely worth the wait. It was good to meet you in the line up. It made the waiting much easier.

sarah cool said...

!!!! Dooce heard about us!! RAWK!!!!!!!!!

Great picture!!!

Melissa said...

This is an unfairly great picture of all three of you.