Saturday, October 22, 2005

You learn something new every day

Like how to do tequila shots.

That was the lesson last night, a typical Friday night for me. Minus the tequila.

I didn't have any plans, and I was soooo sick of strike news, and wanted to hang out with friends for the evening. My friend
Brad popped onto MSN, so I invited him over to watch a movie. I wanted to watch it at my place cause I was jsut too lazy to go out. Turns out that had the added benefit of me not having to drive home. In between making the plans and Brad getting here, I had this highly unusual desire to drink. Now before last night, I have never had more than two drinks in a row, and even after last night, I have never been drunk. So when Brad got here, I pulled out the contents of my liquor cabinet. I also pointed out the champagne (ok, ok, sparkling wine) in my fridge.

We decided on Tequila and bubbly. I decided I needed to eat, first, lest someting very, very bad happen to me. Brad decided to take photos to document the evening. One shot and three glasses of champagne later, my head was a wee bit wobbly and I dozed off and on all the way through the movie. Brad threw popcorn at me periodically to keep me awake.

"Wow. I never thought I'd be doing tequila shots with HILLARY!" Always trying to surprise people, I suppose.

Lick salt, down tequila, bite lemon. Repeat as necessary.

1 comment:

Paul said...

I don't think *one* shot of Tequilla counts ;) ...

...but then I wouldn't mix it with Champaigne.