Thursday, October 20, 2005

My brain hurts

Well, it would seem that I got myself into something bigger than I intended to over on my strike blog. It's been getting an average of 250-300 hits a day, one regular commenter has been promoting my site on the radio, and it's the FIRST site that comes up when you do a search on MSN for bc teacher strike. It's pretty high up there on Google, too (#2, I think) when you add the word blog. It's going to be sent out to an email list of 980 music teachers around the province with the next update, and today, it made it's way into the picket bulletin for all Vancouver Elementary schools. I didn't even give them the site! It's kinda fun, I feel famous! ;)

But it's also been challenging, because there have been many people writing to disagree. It's been a challenge to figure out exactly what I think in the midst of this (still not there yet!) and to wonder if some of what commenters are saying is right. I think, if an education system gets to the point that governments declare a teacher strike illegal, yet teachers feel that what they are fighting for is SO important that they are willing to defy a court order and stay out on the pickert line, there obviously needs to be some major changes made. But in the midst of a crisis, you deal with a crisis, THEN you look at fixing the system.

Lots of commenters, one in particular, are proposing such huge changes to the education system in BC, and it's pretty overwhelming to think about. I don't agree with him/them, necessarily, I dont think, but man, all this reading and thinking... it's making my brain hurt! ;)

For heaven's sake, I didn't even know what kind of views constituted "left" and "right" when this strike started! I just started my strike blog as a venting place to rant and post pictures and thoughts about the stike without boring you all to death with political talk. (When I come accross a political blog, I pass on by. I didn't want you to do the same with mine!) But now I'm up to my eyeballs in debate and questions and wonderings and a weeny bit of doubt and a whole lot of frustration. AAARRGGG! It's good, but not what I had intended. It's a little much for this supposedly minimally political gal.

I'm off to go do something mindless now. Duuuuuuhhhhhh..... no ask me nuttin compleecated.

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Clint said...

I guess I need to go check it out...good luck with it all.