Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Just following the herd

According to the news, over two-thirds of all adults in Canada have a lottery ticket for tonight's $40 million draw. Six minutes before the cut-off, I decided to join them. Fourty million dollars! Come ON folks, who wouldn't?!?! Did you know lotto has a "buy online" option? So great! I was too embarassed to actually go to store and buy one (the fact I'm broadcasting it over the internet is beside the point....).

In twenty minutes, I'm gonna be rrrrrrich! (That will more than cover the stupid ticket I got today right in front of my house. But that's another rant for another time.... gggrrrrrrr)

Gotta go watch the draw and check off my winning numbers.

Yeah right. *rolls eyes at self for getting suckered in*


John said...

it turned out to be like 52 million, and i didn't win either (cries).

Hillary said...

Either??? Who says I did'nt win?