Wednesday, October 12, 2005

What does Hillary need?

And round and round and round we go...

Sean in Livonia, Michigan gave this to Tim in Philadelphia, Pensilvania, who gave this to Heather in Denver, Colorado, who gave this Kristi in Colorado, who gave this to Amy in ??? USA, who gave this to Marla in Toronto, Ontario who gave this to Andrea in Ottawa, Ontario, who gave it to me!

Go to Google. Type, "(Your name) needs". Yes, in quotes, so it looks like this "Hillary needs". But with your name, not mine, unless you really want to look through the same pages I did (darn that sharing a name with Hillary Clinton! I had to wade through all the "Hillary needs to separate with Bill" crap, and even still most of these are about the Clintster. Rar.)

Choose your ten favourites and share them with the world, who really, really, REALLY wants to know. Or share them with my comment feature. Either one.

1. Hillary needs fat in her face. (Um, how about not?)
2. Hillary needs a glass of water. (Yes she does.)
3. Hillary needs to learn to let go. (Hmm...)
4. Hillary needs to find something to sell, give away, throw out or burn. (Purge! Purge!)
5. Hillary needs a June Cleaver makeover. (Makeover, yes. June Cleaver, I think not. See #9)
6. Hillary needs no introduction. (This is what I've been trying to say, people!)
7. Hillary needs to do te folowing to improove her speling skilz. (Hardy har har.)
8. Hillary needs to do her job. (Hmmm... that one's a little too close to home! I wish I could.)
9. Hillary needs to get mad, get sassy. (Yeah baby!)
10. Hillary needs every cent she can get. (Donations, anyone?)


Hillary said...

Or you could change it up a little and find out what "Hillary likes"

1. Hillary likes kids.
2. Hillary likes to be the center of attention.
3. Hillary likes to run things.
4. Hillary likes her coffee cold.
5. Hillary likes songs about trucks, dogs, roads, and unfaithful wives
6. Hillary likes to play hide and seek
7. Hillary likes fish tacos
8. Hillary likes to sweep.
9. Hillary likes Bob.
10. Hillary likes dressing up like a giant banana.

And there you have it.

Brad said...

1. Brad needs babies!
2. Brad needs some serious modifications to his educational setting.
3. Brad needs to perform on a raised platform.
4. Brad needs a new love interest and I'm the right gal for the job!
5. Brad NEEDS to shave his head
6. Brad needs to make more money.
7. Maybe Brad needs glasses?
8. Brad needs a back story.
9. Brad needs to get in touch with reality
10. Brad needs to just calm down and let it fly.

Lots of Pitt related hits from Google.

Fred said...

Have u tried Googlism

Paul said...

1. Paul needs music.
2. All Paul needs is love.
3. Paul needs enough light to create a nice, even "wash" across the stage.
4. Paul needs a quiet new space to work.
5. Paul needs to go to the bathroom.
6. Paul needs to measure the exact angle of the rotation.
7. Paul needs some advice on what to do with his front door.
8. Paul needs to focus his attention on the subject at hand so that his mind doesn't wander so much.
9. Paul needs your support to win back Arizona for the Democrats.
10. What Paul needs most is a lot of rest.

Melissa said...

I'm up past my bedtime and not falling asleep, so I figured I'd read some of your old Memes :)

1. Melissa needs some spaghetti sauce and always buys Ragu.
2. Melissa needs to board the blob ship that is hovering overhead.
3. melissa needs to take a break.
4. Melissa needs a very strong, patient adoptive family who will be able to accept that it may take her a long time to come to trust and appreciate them.
5. Melissa needs to get on board with her new body, but would also like to propose to her long-time boyfriend, Dan.
6. Melissa needs to find a new agent.
7. Melissa Needs Maintenance Manuals!
8. Melissa Needs a Home.
9. Melissa needs to get over it.
10. melissa needs a fuller understanding to be sure she is on the right track.

I had to keep going because the next ones were pretty "unique" too! Lol!

11. Melissa needs to make more albums about being gay and how lonely this makes her feel.
12. Melissa needs your Hugs & Avonex experiences right this second!!!
13. melissa needs to go home, her D&D buddies miss her.
14. Melissa needs blood.
15. Melissa needs to leave Greg. (Considering #5 above, I would think so!)

And I couldn't leave without sharing this one:

melissa needs to stop spreading rumors about everyone especially when she is the bad mother who used to be a hooker with her mom.

Melissa said...

Melissa Likes...

1. melissa likes the conan one.
2. Melissa likes it, everyone else gags.
3. Melissa likes to picnic on public land and enjoys this hobby in the summer from Maine to Massachusetts.
4. Melissa likes Elvis.
5. Melissa likes to wear waterproof mascara and leather boots. (edit). Melissa loves to drink milk.
6. Melissa likes Jackson too much. (Another guy?! What happened to Dan and Greg?!)
7. Melissa likes going out in her stroller.
8. Melissa likes to be erm... random and very blonde ( but not as blonde as Stacy ...
9. melissa likes to see the world upside down.
10. Melissa likes the bingo machine; it reminds her of making out.

And one I had to look up...

Melissa Likes to Play Field Crumpets.