Thursday, October 13, 2005

One Day For Aids

My friend John Andru is amazing. Amazing, amazing, amazing. No wonder City TV chose him as this week's City Hero. He has initiated and planned a huge AIDS fundraising and awareness campaign called One Day For AIDS. Basically, it's to bring the AIDS pandemic down to a tangible level. We can get so overwhelmed by statistics that it's hard to feel like we can do anything. But, what One Day For AIDS is asking of people is that they give either one day of their salary or one day of their time to help fight AIDS. At left, John displays a pin of the AIDS ribbon he received for his work with Serving in Mission (photo courtesy of this site).

Here is a blurb from the One Day For AIDS website that explains a little more...

One Day For AIDS (ODFA) is a challenge to YOU to give ONE DAY to HIV/AIDS relief worldwide. Would you consider giving one day's pay, or half a day's pay, or one hour's pay to AIDS relief through one of three partner organizations [Doctors Without Borders, Mennonite Central Committee, or Serving in Mission]? Or would you consider giving one day's time by raising awareness, volunteering to care for people living with HIV/AIDS, or becoming an advocate? ...

Why One Day For AIDS?
It is easy to become overwhelmed by the statistics. What is another million people infected with HIV/AIDS when there are already over forty million people? Instead of shrugging it off, One Day For AIDS is a personal invitation to step up and make a difference. It's a simple concept. Could you give ONE DAY to give someone living with HIV/AIDS hope?

ODFA is about turning ordinary people into agents of positive change for this world and giving hope to people who need it most.

Since I'm on strike right now, I can't give one day's salary, but I wil be giving one day of my time. Join me!

Click on the logo to be directed to the One Day For AIDS website. While this is based in Vancouver, there is no reason you couldn't volunteer or donate wherever you are. If you do, let me know! I would love to hear about how far this campaign could spread!

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