Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Ok, I have to rant. My house (well, the house I rent a suite in!) is being painted, and overall, it looks pretty good. It's grey with blue trim now, as opposed to beige with green trim. I really liked the green, I've discovered, now that it's royal blue, but oh well.

But today when I got home from work (dodging paint cans and lumber and sawhorses and trailing bushes that have been taken off the house and are now mostly obstructing the walkway to my door - at least that's not permanent) the painter was painting the once beige posts of the balcony BRIGHT BLUE! The garage that I look at is green and is staying green. The yard, which I also look at, is gorgeous - grass and oodles of flowers in the summer and trees down the side. Green, beige, and garden.... it was all very natural looking. Even my patio furniture fit in. Now it's green, garden, and ROYAL BLUE. ICK!!! And what's up with the blue stripe around my door ? (see photos below) French doors... aren't they by definition white? He WAS going to paint the whole door blue, but luckily I was able to ask that it stay white before that happened. I'm all for the bright red door style on the front of a house, but not on a french door. Come on.
I can't really say anything now, the deed is done. I guess I'll just have to suck it up. But those blue posts are really quite gross.

Maybe a can on beige paint will mysteriously spill down the balcony posts. Crap.



(I told the painter I was taking comparison shots, and he asked to be in a photo. "What? You're not gong to take one with the guy who can take credit for all of this?" Sure, buddy. Fill your boots.)


Lorna said...

erm ... see what you mean.

It's no consolation but you will get used to it. and the blue trim ...erm ... it's not that bad!!! ROFL

Paul said...

Well I kinda like the blue.

And hey, at least it matches your planters!

Two stripes round the door, but just one round the window looks a bit odd though.

karla said...

Wow. I'm not going to lie to you--that blue trim is not gorgeous. And it looked so nice before! Some people have some crazy taste in decorating. At any rate, it seems like a nice place you live in.