Thursday, October 06, 2005

It's official

Ninety point five percent. That's the percentage of BC teachers who voted for strike action starting tomorrow. This is big. Big big big. Teachers are not going back to work until there's a settlement reached. With this government, I could be off work for quite some time. And what if they legislate us back to work? Well we were already doing a very minimalist job action (no supervision, not handing out notices from administration), and they already DID legislate us back. There was a big emergency meeting last night to vote about going out in protest anyway. That's what 90.5% of teachers voted for. There's even talk of a possible one day provincial general strike. This is getting nasty, but there's not really any choice.

I'm not really terribly political, but I'm behind the strike for sure. I'll explain tomorrow what's been going on (mostly to get it straight in my own head) and why such a drastic action has been taken. Right after picket duty.

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