Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Easing in...

I spent the last two days at school (well, chunks of the day, anyway). I figured I had to be there to get my mind around the fact that yes, I DO need to go back to work.

It was good. I know I sounded all whiny in my last post, but even writing that out made me realize that hey, thinkgs aren't as bad as they seem... I actually have enough to fill most of the year, at least with the intermediates. And getting back and seeing everyone was good, too. I love the teahers at my school. Honestly, I did WAY more yakking than planning. Meh, that's what September's for! :P

My job seems to once again be a really big mish mash. Spetember's going to be crazy until staffing gets organized (which is really kooky this year becasue so many people are on leave). I seem to be the mish mash quenn though, so it's all good. I can take it. And hoo boy I gain brownie points for beins so flexible!

I think the biggest thing I want to focus on this year is living my faith more. It's important to me to create relationships with the staff and to be a good friend. Last year was a rough year in a lot of different ways for me (in the job, persoanlly, spiritually...) and I felt very focussed on me. Me me me.

I hated it.

There's a great song by Laurell Hubick that says, "What Happened to the fun, since I stopped thinking about anyone but me?" (Full lyrics are here) That's just it. My life is so much richer when I'm investing in others. I haven't been donig much of that lately, and I'm tired of feeling like my life is just really shallow.

Time to haul myslef out of me-mode. Now just how do I do that again?

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