Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Do it RIGHT next time!

Someone just drove down my street and slammed into my car. My beastmoblile. The one someone broke into a while ago. The one someone stole at the beginning of June. And now the one someone hit and took off.

Just enough damage to make it a pain in the pocketbook (and a pain in the butt!), but not enought to finish 'er off. I had to pay $300 bucks to get my car back after it was stolen, and I'll have to pay $300 to get it fixed if they don't find the sleaze who took off after hitting my car. Tell me, WHY do I pay insurance every month?!?!

FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE PEOPLE... if you're gonna break into, steal, or hit my car, would you PLEEEASE do it right???? Drive it off a cliff, or smash it up real good, or SOMETHING! Just don't keep leaving me with a $300 bill for YOUR stupidity!

(ok, I feel better now... kinda)


The Taorist said...

Your car is cursed.

Just kidding! I think you ommited something in your blog. Before the guy steals and wrecks your car make sure you ain't in it first.

Love the title of your blog!

Steve said...

just give up on it. someone is telling you something