Thursday, August 25, 2005

Random ramblings of an over-tired mind

I keep going to blog and I draw a blank.

Well, that's not exactly true. There's something I'm busting to blog about, but can't. Hate that. Now I made you curious. Sorry.

Been kicking around the last few days, laying fairly low.

I went to the waterslides last Sunday. I always loved going to the slides as a kid. It was somewhat of a different experience as an adult. Still fun, but it was a hot, sunny weekend. The place was JAMMED! I think we ended up going on maybe 11 slides. A little less than two bucks a ride. But we just didn't think about that. We also didn't think about the band-aids all over he place or the giant hot tub jammed with how many hundreds of people throughout the day. Ewwww. A good scrub sure felt good when I got home.

And WOW, there are lots of people with tatoos out there.

I discovered on Sunday that one of my friends is the type of person who will say out loud what the rest of us only think about saying. Like to the kid who cut in front of her in the line to grab a tube for the black hole slide: "Uh, I don't think so. I've been waiting in line. That's MY tube. You go wait in line and then you can have a tube, too." You GO girl.

But even more direct than that was what she said to the two people in the hot tub. Let's set the scene, shall we? This is a "hot tub" in name alone. It's more like a "tepid tub," which makes it nice and comfy for all kinds of little kids to be in as well (another thing we didn't think too much abut... pee.). There are kids, tenns, and adults of all ages sitting around in the giant hot tub, enjoying a nice, innocent day at the slides. And then there were these two. Guy and girl, the girl probably not older than 16, the guy maybe 18 or 19. (I don't know, I'm not very good with ages. But they were young). He was sitting on her lap, and they were alternating between making out and him stuffing his face in her (very large) chest. OK, EEEWWW. This is NOT "Blind Date Hot Tub Edition" here, people. We thought maybe we'd try to make them uncomforable by staring at them, but quickly realized that they were exhibitionists... that's just what they wanted, I'm sure. So then C, the "I'll say anything" girl, started thinking of what to say to them. I mean, this was really inappropriate. We were surprised the lifeguards didn't say anything.

All of a sudden, with a watery whoosh, C was over right beside the couple.

"Excuse me, are you fourteen? Why are you making out in the hot tub? There are kids all around. I find what you're doing really offensive. If you want to get it on, go into the change rooms or something, but I don't want to have to look at it."


We were sure to check the changerooms before we went to use them.

Monday I took my dad to a baseball game. It was a father's day gift. It was fun hanging out with Dad, fur sure, but I'm sorry to all those hard core baseball fans out there: what a BORING game. Strike. Ball. Ball. Stike. Crack.. run to first, he's out. Strike. Ball. Crack. Pop fly caught, he's out. A few more strikes, a few more balls, the guy gets to walk. Trade places. Repeat. NINE TIMES!!! GAAARRR! And I think I had the most disgusting $6 burger I've ever had in my life. Ah, good times with Dad. :D

I had a sudden spurt of domestic enthusiasm on Tuesday. I baked. And I baked. And I baked. Two loaves of zucchini bread. About 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies (holy smokes, I had no idea that recipe made that many!). A peach/blueberry crumble. I took a big plateload of cookies to my upstairs neighbours/landlords and to the next door neighbours. Like *I* need 6 dozen cookies! Sheesh! Plus, hey, it's always nice to get a big plate of cookies, so why not? My roomie, her cousins, my kinda-next-door-neighbour and I all had crumble for dessert on my fun summer patio that evening. About the perfect summer evening. Yay!

Wednesday was lunch with a friend downtown. Then I went shopping. Crap. I don't have any money. I almost escaped without any purchases till I was halfway accross downtown (well, ok, a few blocks from the mall) and about to board a bus (no, my car hasn't died... yet. I just didn't want to deal with traffic and parking downtown) when I realized I no longer had my sweater. Booo! Back I went, wondering what shop I could have left it in. I started with Old Navy (ah yes, I have expensive taste, what can I say? ;) . Had to wait through the big long line to talk to someone at the front counter. I tell you, the music in that place makes me crazy. "Shopping is fun again!" is their slogan. But then they play the "happy happy glee glee joy joy, Old Navy is the happiest place on earth" music, and have nothing but Old Navy ads. I'm a happy person, don't get me wrong. But OH MY... the sugary sweetness is a bit hard to take! Don't even get me started on their Christmas music! I'm surpised more employees don't go postal having to listen to that all day long! But I digress... I finally got to the counter and sheepishly told them I thought I'd left my sweater in the change room about an hour before. Sure enough, there it was. And so were the two pairs of pants I had put on hold, then decided not to get. They were on the same rack. I caved. I mean hey, I needed a bag to put my sweater in so I didn't lose it again. And they don't jsut GIVE those bags away. I HAD to buy SOMETHING. And besides, they were just so darn CUTE with thier pretty ribbon belts.

Went kayaking with mom today... mother's day gift. We took the ferry over to Bowen Island and went on a three hour paddle. I've decided this is the sumer of Black Tusk. I hiked to Garibaldi lkae in July, and had some great views of the Tusk from there. Then I actually hiked TO the tusk. Then I went to Whistler, and had a cool view of the Tusk from the top of the Via Ferrata. Then today we could see the freakin' thing from the kayaks. Ahhh! Well, actually, it was kinda cool. Kayking Bowen was neat - a lot different than Indian Arm where I usually go. We had fun (well, I had fun, mom wasn't too thrilled with it) riding the ferry wakes. Wheee! And we even saw a great big seal sitting on some rocks on a litle island thingy. Until we discovered it wasn't a seal. It was a log. Stupid seal-shaped logs. :P

School starts again in eleven days. I need to slow down and rest up, maybe even go back to my classroom to get a few things ready to go. Can we say, "I DON"T WAAAANNNAAAA!"

Oh well. Must be done. I still have eleven days for fun, though!

Hmm. For not having anything to say, I sure said a lot. But really, does that surpise you?

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