Sunday, August 28, 2005

Veeeery interesting...

One of the coolest things about Stat Counter is that it tells me what people have searched for that has directed them to my blog.

Some are sweet, and I can kinda see how they could land a person at my blog:
* different slogans on beautiful things
* crazy thoughts about love
* beautiful sentence about self confidence
* 100 things I love about life
* 100 crazy silly things to do
* what makes life beautiful?

Some are strange:
* six toes on my left foot
* Hillary Smokes Weed Picture
* malaysian fruit
* buying cars in slovenia
* what are clues I'm going to get my first period?
* felted umbilical cord hat (ummm... WHAT?)
* magic gems that make people fall in love with you

Others are just plain scary:
* what special jobs does a chicken do after it has been fertilized
* thai bar girl street meat
* tragic s3x
* meet rich sugar daddies
* chinese adult entertainement

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